About MaplePrimes

Questions, Posts, help, musings, answers ... all things Maple and math

  • A Web community dedicated to sharing experiences, techniques, and opinions about Maple, MapleSim and related products, as well as general interest topics in math and computing.
  • Using the framework of questions & answers, general posts and an open editorial policy, it provides a vehicle for enthusiasts to present their thoughts, and for inquiring minds to get answers.

Why did Maplesoft create it?

  • To build an effective, efficient way to direct the creative energy of our user community
  • To connect the Maple community to promote collaboration and constructive communication
  • To offer a contrast and complement to the corporate web content.

Who manages it?

  • MaplePrimes is funded by Maplesoft.
  • Maplesoft staff is encouraged to contribute to MaplePrimes. Maplesoft staff is denoted by a blue maple leaf symbol .
  • As a member receives greater reputation within MaplePrimes, they receive the ability to manage and edit tags and content.
  • In addition, there is a group of MaplePrimes Moderators who have the additional ability to remove or inappropriate content. MaplePrimes Moderators are denoted by the following symbol: