The iPad is a very exciting device and it has been gaining broad adoption from our academic and professional customers alike. It was a logical step for us to bring Maple technology to this platform.
The Maple Player for iPad is now available in the Apple App Store. It comes bundled with ready-made interactive Maple documents, covering topics like integration, differentiation, computing limits, and performing Laplace transforms.

Taking a 3-D plot for a spin with the touch of a finger or watching a formula update live as you move a slider is certainly a fun way to explore mathematics. Gain insight by having an integral computed step by step, learn about an approximation technique for computing the value of , and more!
The technology making all this possible is a version of the Maple mathematical engine running natively on the iPad, along with a user interfacethat makes documents look very much like they do in Maple, but also takes advantage of many of the unique characteristics of the iPad. Squeezing all that into the limited memory available on the device was certainly a challenge and made for some long coding hours, but watching math come alive on the iPad reminds us that it was well worth the effort.
As much fun as this app is, it represents just a glimpse of what is to come. Expect a lot more content coming to the iPad soon. Initially, the content will come from us, but ultimately, it will also come from you, as you’ll be able to play any document that you’ve created in desktop Maple. We'd very much like to hear your feedback here on MaplePrimes, and if you like the Maple Player for iPad, consider submitting a review on the App Store.

Grab an iPad and come along for the ride!

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