Maple Learn has a new face! We’ve changed our homepage to the document gallery, which some of you may have already noticed. This is a huge change, and we’re excited for it, as it places content front and center: the goal of Maple Learn. Don’t worry, getting to a blank document is still easy. There is a large orange button on the top right of the document gallery which says “start creating now”. This button will take you to a blank Maple Learn Document.


The most important reason for this change is to help new users get started. Seeing a blank document can sometimes be terrifying! With this new homepage, users can immediately begin looking through premade content, and get inspiration for their own documents.


The first document collection a user sees in the document gallery is still the same: Our featured collection. From there, we have the Maple Learn how-to documents, and then it’s into documents sorted by the overarching subject. Two examples of overarching subjects are Functions and Biology. And, if a user is interested in some of the more artistic sides of Maple Learn, we have our art collection available as well. There’s something for everyone in our gallery!


Now that we’ve explained the largest change, let’s talk about some smaller ones too. Tables now can have row and column headings, allowing for a greater range of data to be represented. Along with that, we’ve added a correlation command to the context panel. Some bugs have also been fixed: Special characters now appear properly in the French and German galleries and scrollbars work over 3D plots.


We hope you enjoy the changes we’ve made. Please continue to report bugs and telling us about features you’d like to see!

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