Yes, you read that right! Steps documents are a feature in Maple Learn that we wanted to highlight this week, as they can provide great use in understanding concepts and solving problems. Within them, they can show all steps to solve a problem, including reminders of any formulas used! They can be found at the homepage for steps documents. A list of all can be found below the image, with links.

All steps documents:

All of our documents follow the same format, which I’ll show you using 3 different documents: Derivatives Steps, Factoring Steps, and Matrix Determinant Steps. They will be shown from left to right in that order, so you can see the different steps and how they work.


The first thing you’ll see on any steps document is the place to enter the equation. Each equation can be entered in the appropriate box, in different styles to fit your needs and the problem asked.

Then, you click on the show steps button, which is the same for all of the documents:

This is where the magic happens. The steps will appear line by line, in great detail. The actual steps are generated by Maple, and presented in Maple Learn through scripting. Because of this, please don’t click off the group the steps appear in, or they’ll appear in the new group as well!

There are many other steps documents than the ones we have here, and will be adding more as time goes on. Please keep an eye out, and enjoy the updates! We hope this was helpful to you all, and let us know if there are any other steps you’d like to see.


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