I am a mechanical engineering graduate student and I use Maple daily for everything from school projects to homework. Unfortunately, printing anything out (to hand in) either (a) ends up looking absolutely terrible / enormous or (b) takes forever to format. I have to go through and apply all of these styles I've saved that make all of the fonts smaller and a different color (and when I do that, things look weird.... powers are impinging on their bases [e.g. the x and 3 in x^3 are fused] and the lines on the tops of radicals are very thick and look bad).

In addition to this, there's no way to change the size of a plot from the command level. This means that every time I run the program to change or fix something, I have to interactively resize all of the plots and none of them are a standard/uniform size! How irritating!

Mathematica has more of this kind of functionality (e.g. the ImageSize command), but unfortunately it's only available to people in select departments here.

Right now I'm just sticking with the plot components (which are a pain to use because they don't automatically update the plots when the expression is a plot variable defined elsewhere).

Seeing as the primary users of Maple are in academia, I hope this is a reasonably compelling argument for implementing plot sizing functionality in a non-interactive manner in future releases of Maple.

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