Hello all,

I've noticed that something has changed to the type of sqrt in Maple 15, which breaks backward compatibility...

In Maple 14, we have

> type(sqrt,procedure);          true
> type(sqrt,`module`); false
> eval(sqrt);          proc(x::algebraic, f::identical(symbolic))  ...  end proc

while in Maple 15, we have

> type(sqrt,procedure);          false
> type(sqrt,`module`); true
> eval(sqrt);          module() local ModuleApply, Nested, Product, Primes;  end module

So, now sqrt evaluates to a module rather than a procedure.  Since I am using the type functionality to check for procedures, this breaks my program...

Off course, it might be that I am doing something wrong...

Why was this change made???

-- Regards,


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