This post in reply to the Question, plot size on export with Maple 15

I made the switch from classic to standard largely because the 2D plot drivers/codes were completely rewritten in standard, and allowed me to export much prettier plots. This was a painful decision, because I always found classic to be more intuitive and faster. I don't care much for mouses and menus, I want code I can run and rerun as often as I like without having to remember a sequence of wrist movements. So now that I write in standard much of my recent work cannot be read in classic. The cost of abandoning classic was that the 3D drivers/codes is a lot prettier in classic than in standard. I'd been hoping for an improvement of the 3D plot renderer in standard. But after 3 or 4 versions of Maple 3D plots still have not improved. And today I find out that the standard plot drivers/codes are buggy too... depressing state of affairs.

here I would insert a smiley with a big tear, if I knew how to draw it.

Am I the only one who thinks that the ability to draw/print/export plots of publishable quality should be a priority?

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