New versions of Maple T.A. and the Maple T.A. MAA Placement Test Suite are now available. Highlights include:

- Adaptive questions provide students another chance when they give an incorrect response. Knowing the student is having trouble, the question can be adapted to walk the student through the problem one step at a time, allow students to try a simpler version of the same question before retrying the original, or whatever the instructor feels is appropriate. 

- The Maple T.A. Proctored Browser, an optional testing environment, requires students to stay inside Maple T.A. until the test or assignment is completed, so they cannot access other web sites or programs.

- New and improved questions are now available from the Maple T.A. Content Center.  There are hundreds of new questions, and hundreds more have been enhanced to include hints, solutions, and algorithms.  Topics include calculus, precalculus, physics, chemistry, and statistics.  All questions can be used as-is or they can be further customized to best suit your needs.

See  What’s New in Maple T.A. 8 for details.

By the way, Maple T.A. turns 10 this year! Maple T.A. was first released as a pilot project in 2002. If you haven’t looked at Maple T.A. recently, check out the What’s New for details about this new release and some highlights from previous releases to see how things have evolved, or watch the new “Top 10 Reasons You Need Maple T.A." video.



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