quandl (http://www.quandl.com/) has a great feature called superset (you need a free acount)
where the user can combine different data variables (4 000 000 to choice from) into a big
dataset (csv file) that can be downloaded from a permenant web url. This a great data feed
for maple. The problem is however that you have to use stringtools (quite messy) in maple to
extract the data. Hence, it would be great to have a simple procedure that only needs the web
url to get the data in a matrix in Maple ie column heading are strings and the rest numeric.
I tried the below code but I get an error message "Unable to display structured data".

status, data, headers := HTTP[Get]("http://www.quandl.com/api/v1/datasets/USER_18Q/18R.csv?&auth_token=BXckVSG3twWkV272c9Q4&trim_start=1968-04-01&trim_end=2013-04-05&collapse=daily&sort_order=desc", timeout = 100):
z := Matrix(map(StringTools[Split], StringTools[Split](data, "\n"), ","))[() .. (), () .. ()];

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