Just finished updating the comparison between Maple 17.02 and Mathematica 9.01 in solving the 1390 Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs) of Kamke's book:

  • Mathematica solved 80% in 7 hours and 8 minutes
  • Maple solved 97.5% in 43 minutes

While trying to solve the whole set, Mathematica hanged with 90 of these ODEs while Maple hanged with 6 ODEs. A pdf with a summarizing table and all the details is linked below

It is also relevant here that Maple's dsolve has close to half of its code implementing more modern methods, not found in Kamke, illustrated in the Maple 'what's new in DEs' help pages of the last 10 releases; for these other kinds of equations the difference is more impressive. I'll see to prepare another post about that.

Edgardo S. Cheb-Terrab
Physics, Maplesoft


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