In as much as the embedded component suite is a brilliant tool for the custom design of online educational programs, student tests, etc, my purposes are orientated around encouraging and assisting of self directed investigation, with the utilization of the packages of maple, but in a manner that allows the user to neglect the requirement to have any knowledge of maple code itself, allowing them to focus entirely on their discipline of choice. 

So because the content the user will enter into the interface I am designing is naturally going to be quite variant from individual to individual, one of the  necessary properties that does not exist is for the math containers to have the option of being resizeable at the discretion of the user.

At the moment, I have added buttons that allow the user to resize the window by pressing one of four buttons entitled "increase height". "decrease height", "increase width" and "decrease height". This will suffice for my first working prototype but i just feel that it would be much neater if it were possible to resize the math component directly, and some option of the neighbouring embedded components to either shift their position accordingly, or maintain rectilinear alignment with the greater proportion of other components by all embedded components shifting accordingly when one math container is resized.


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