The Putnam 2020 Competition (the 81st) was postponed to February 20, 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and held in an unofficial mode with no prizes or official results.

Four of the problems have surprisingly short Maple solutions.
Here they are.

A1.  How many positive integers N satisfy all of the following three conditions?
(i) N is divisible by 2020.
(ii) N has at most 2020 decimal digits.
(iii) The decimal digits of N are a string of consecutive ones followed by a string of consecutive zeros.

add(add(`if`( (10&^m-1)*10&^(n-m) mod 2020 = 0, 1, 0), 
n=m+1..2020), m=1..2020);



A2.  Let k be a nonnegative integer.  Evaluate  

sum(2^(k-j)*binomial(k+j,j), j=0..k);



A3.  Let a(0) = π/2, and let a(n) = sin(a(n-1)) for n ≥ 1. 
Determine whether the series   converges.

asympt('rsolve'({a(n) = sin(a(n-1)),a(0)=Pi/2}, a(n)), n, 4);


a(n) ^2 being equivalent to 3/n,  the series diverges.


B1.  For a positive integer n, define d(n) to be the sum of the digits of n when written in binary
 (for example, d(13) = 1+1+0+1 = 3). 

Let   S =  
Determine S modulo 2020.

d := n -> add(convert(n, base,2)):
add( (-1)^d(k) * k^3, k=1..2020 ) mod 2020; 



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