Dear all;

Some of you will have heard of the new open access (and free of page charges) journal Maple Transactions which is intended to publish expositions on topics of interest to the Maple community. What you might not have noticed is that it is possible to publish your papers as Maple documents or as Maple workbooks.  The actual publication is on Maple Cloud, so that even people who don't have Maple can read the papers.

Two examples: one by Jürgen Gerhard, on Fibonacci numbers

and one by me, on Bohemian Matrices (my profile picture here is a Bohemian matrix eigenvalue image).

I invite you to read those papers (and the others in the journal) and to think about contributing.  You can also contribute a video, if you'd rather.

I look forward to seeing your submissions.

Rob Corless, Editor-in-Chief, Maple Transactions

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