Paulina Chin of Maplesoft and I are pleased to annouce Maple Transactions Volume 2 Issue 1, the Proceedings of the 2021 Maple Conference.

Articles can be found at

Some articles are written directly in Maple and are published via the Maple Cloud.  There is also a Demo Video by Michael Monagan of his new GCD code.  There are articles on Math Education, on Applications of Maple, on software, and on mathematics research.  We draw particular attention to the article by Veselin Jungic, 3M Teaching Fellow at SFU and a Fellow of the Canadian Math Society, on Indigenising mathematics.  We hope that, as members of the Maple Community, you find much of interest.

Best wishes,

Rob Corless, Editor-in-Chief

Maple Transactions

Forest of ethnomathematics and its root.  Colourful natural trees growing in a forest above ground while below ground is a colourful mathematical tree going to a single glowing root

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