I was playing around with plotting volumes of revolution for calculus.  My opinion is that the defaults for Student[Calculus1][VolumeOfRevolution] could be improved by a couple simple changes.  My hope is that the people here can make my plots better to give Maplesoft a good idea of how to change the defaults.  

The standard code and output are



Download Volum_rev_2023_trial1.mw


Changing the surface style to patch and the surfce colors to different colors creates a plot that I find easier to interpret.

Student[Calculus1][VolumeOfRevolution](x+2,x^2+1, x = 0..1,output=plot,volumeoptions =[color="DarkBlue",style=patch],volume2options =[color="DarkGreen",style=patch],caption="");




Download Volum_rev_2023_trial2.mw

What do you think about getting the defaults changed?  I hope someone can give better suggestions for the plot defaults.

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