A ball on a turntable can move in circles instead of falling off the edge (provided the initial conditions are appropriate). The effect was demonstrated in a video and can be simulated with MapleSim. The amination below shows a simulation of a frictionless case (falling off the table) and the case with a coefficient of friction of one.

Also demonstrated in the video: Tilting the table leads to a sideward (not a downhill) movement of the ball.

The presenter of the video noted that in the untilted state, the ball eventually drifts off the table, attributing this to slippage. This drift is also observable in the animation above, where the ball starts moving in a spiral, whereas in a Maple simulation (below to the left), the ball follows a perfect circle. Only after optimizing contact and initial conditions, MapleSim produced a result (using the same parameters) that exhibits a similar circle, with a slight difference in angular orientation after completing two revolutions about the center of the circle.