i have a question regarding the Compiler:-Compile Command in Maple12
under linux i got this error message when trying to compile the example:
> y := proc( x :: float ) 2.3 * x end proc:
> cy := Compiler:-Compile( y):
Error, (in Compiler:-Compile) possible installation problem:
GNU C compiler (gcc) not found in your command search
path (PATH). You will need to restart Maple after ensuring that gcc
is installed and adjusting your PATH environment variable.
> cy( 1.1 );
but the compiler is installed in /usr/bin and maple knows the path:
> getenv(PATH);
i also succeed in compiling external C programs as shown in the ExternalCalling help pages. Only Compiler:-Compile does not work.

I am using maple-12 32 bit under 64 bit Linux and the 64 bit and the 32 bit gcc is installed. Does anybody have an idea how to resolve this or to track at which location maple is stumbling? I played around with printelevel=1000 and the only thing i believe to see was that Maple did not get the compiler version, so may be maple thought gcc was not installed.

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