Are there any commands which will allow me to create zero-based arrays in Maple?

I have a linear recursion, in 4 variables,


This recursion involves c[i',j,k,l] for i' from 0 to i+1, c[i,j',k,l] for j' from 0 to j+1, c[i-1,j,k',l] from k'=0 to k, and c[i,j-1,k,l'] from l'=0 to l, for all nonnegative integers i,j,k,l.  c[0,j,k,l] is assumed known for all j,k,l. The recursion involves only ONE term with an i+1 in it, so I am able to express c[i+1,j,k,l] in terms of c[i',j',k',l'] with all i' < i+1, but NOT j'<j, k'<k, l'<l. If I can express c[i,j,k,l] in terms of c[0,j',k',l'] for any j',k',l', then I will have in principle "solved" my problem.

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