To the members of the MaplePrimes community,

I am posting this message in response to some comments that have been made about Maplesoft’s commitment and involvement in the MaplePrimes community.  Let me assure you that we at Maplesoft take these comments seriously, and I would like to take this opportunity to personally address this issue.

In recent months there have been some comments about Maplesoft’s policies with regards to Primes, and whether or not employees are allowed to post. Let me assure you there is no such policy existence; in fact, we encourage employees to participate.  Although senior employees may not always be visibly involved in the community, they do read Primes regularly and use the site as a method to see direct user feedback.  Recently you may have noticed more visible activity from our employees, and we are actively encouraging this involvement. 

In the case of bug reports and product suggestions, we do try to track all the issues posted in Primes. While we do our best to capture reports that appear in general discussions, as was pointed out recently on Primes, the most effective way to report a software issue is to use the Submit Maple Software Change Request link.  If you submit an SCR, it is entered into our database and it is guaranteed that someone will look into the problem.  We are currently looking into better ways to send information back to the MaplePrimes community about the status of these submissions.  

We believe that MaplePrimes is a great place for our community of users to interact with each other. Through your discussions Maplesoft frequently sees ideas that can help improve our products, so rest assured we are paying attention to what is being said.  We hope you find MaplePrimes a useful and productive place to share your ideas with other users, and we look forward to your continued contributions.

Best regards,

Laurent Bernardin
Chief Scientist, VP R&D

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