Because of John's answer to my last comment about a Maple wiki, I have searched first for antecedents in Maple Primes. From the many posts found in this search, I put together here what I consider the main points stated so far.

Oficial plans + technology:

Short term site plans ...
Comment on 2005-08-22 10:08 from Tom 4
With respect to Wiki, I think the only real issue is the technology that maintains the wiki's and decision on what are we actually going to wiki. I suspect, we may be able to get something in place in a matter of a couple of weeks as opposed to way way off into the future.

Good points
Comment on 2005-08-22 20:23 from Will
One thing I can point out is that there are existing modules for Drupal that create Wikis so I would not need to use a seperate system for the Wiki component of MaplePrimes.

Comment on 2007-05-22 17:20 from Will

I just put in a request for Wikia to create a new wiki for Maple.

Wikia is a wiki hosting service that runs on the same software as Wikipedia, so it should be quite useful for what you want. I will let the community know once the Wiki is available.

Proposed contents:

        * document (currently underdocumented) powerful tips and techniques
        * Bookmarking (hard to find) Maple resourses
        * "recipes" of code for specific tasks
        * unofficial, "help pages"
        * use of Maple by and for members of specific communities
        * code fragments for people new to the language
        * a good explanation of Maple's nondeterministic behaviour

        * collaborative reviews

        * collaborative books

        * site for a FAQ

        * bookmarking posts/responses

        * repository for 'intermediate' information about Maple.

        * listing of Maples features by release.

Additionally, some activities could benefit from a wiki, eg:

Maple benchmarks 

collaborative development


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