In the thread An easy way to plot the region between two curves there are several pictures which are externally stored, i.e., they have not been uploaded to mapleprimes, but instead the sources of the images point to some outside site.

That should work, I think, but it does not, at least not where I am sitting. I see some Chinese looking art with (the external site at which they are stored, I assume) at the bottom of each picture.

I can make the pictures appear by right-clicking them and selecting View Image, and then return to the thread. But they are gone again if I shut down the browser and return to the thread later on indicating, of course, that they were stored only in the browsers cache.

Do others experience the same behaviour? Is it connected to the way MaplePrimes works, or could it just be connected to the setup of my browser (Firefox 2)? If the former, can the use of externally stored images be made to work, or should the advice be not to use any such images?

Note added: Others do experience the same behaviour, compare the post Your images.

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