Inspired by Jacques' blog entry Introduction to transseries, concerning a paper by Gerald A. Edgar, using Maple and published at arXiv, I here take the liberty to refer to a recent paper of mine which also uses Maple and is published at arXiv. The link is:

Linking electroweak and gravitational generators.

Most probably, this paper would not have existed without the possibility of performing lots of calculations in Maple, using for instance my own package COSVAM which deals with the octonions, the largest division algebra over the reals.

For instance, the pivotal Eq. (5) of the paper would probably not have been discovered by me using pen and paper. It was accidentally discovered while performing some Maple calculations with a different objective in mind.

Second note added: The issue below seems to have been resolved by clearing the cache of my Firefox browser, i.e., it seems to have been purely a local problem.

First note added: Using Mozilla Firefox 2, there seems to be a sporadic download problem of my article; it gets damaged beyond repair, I am told. No such problem is experienced using for instance the Internet Explorer 6. I will return to this blog entry as soon as, hopefully, the issue is resolved. If anyone has an idea to resolve the problem, please don't hesitate telling me.

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