I find that if I start Maple10 and execute the following code, I typically end up with the warning. But if I re-execute the code once or twice again, the warning goes away and Maple evaluates the integral in terms of Elliptic functions. Great...but why should I have to re-execute the code a few times before getting a result?

> restart;
> assume(u1<0);assume(u2>0);assume(U>0);additionally(U<u2);
> assume(u0>0);additionally(u0<u2);
> u3:=1-u1-u2:
> int(1/(u^2*(1-u)*sqrt((u-u1)*(u-u2)*(u-u3))),u=u0..U):

Warning, unable to determine if 1-u1-u2~ is between u0~ and U~; try to use assumptions or set option _EnvAllSolutions to true

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