when using the graphical version of Maple 10 on Mac OS X, I frequently get problems when entering content or changing it. I start by entering content, and all works fine. Then I execute the worksheet, save the worksheet, and all is still fine.

Then I restart Maple and open the worksheet again. Now I want to change some content. But when I press shift-enter to insert a line, it does nothing the first time, and only works from the second time on... when browsing with the arrow keys, it seems like there is some sort of hidden character inserted, as I need to press the left key twice to go over it.

Even more, when I execute, I sometimes get a message saying there is an error whilst I did nothing else than insert an empty line. Other times the execution just stops at that item saying all is fine, but not processing any further. I guess this will also have to do with the hidden character.

Has anyone else also experienced this annoying behavior and/or does anyone know how to avoid it?

Thanks in advance for any reply.



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