this is just my first message here on the new beta.mapleprimes.com, and I hope there will be many more to follow. This site will hopefully be what I was missing for a long time : a user community for all things Maple.

Considering I'm new to the site, I was trying to find what I could all do... so wouldn't it be a good idea to put some suggestions in the FAQ on where to put what? That is, suppose I have a question regarding some function, where's the best place to put it? In a forum, you say? But which one? Or, suppose I found out a neat feature, and I want to share it with all of you, where should I put that? On some forum, or on my blog?

I was also wondering whether you could post messages here concerning possible errors in Maple (or what you think are), and if so, whether you will get the same support as when mailing it to the support team? It would also be important to know whether you will receive an answer and when you can expect it...

My other thoughts and questions seem to have vanished in the meantime, so that's all for now folks.



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