You may have noticed that we've introduced prizes to get people more involved ... bribery is not beyond this crew to make this site successful. But this is a serious question. MaplePrimes was born out of all of the best intentions and we want it to flourish. You've now had a taste of the spirit of the site. We have many choices we could make and many paths we could go down ... I'd like to get your thoughts. Many of you have already posted good comments on improving the mechanics of the site (thank you!). I'm more interested in major content elements, incentives, ... anything that would draw people to visit and use the site. FYI, some of the crazy ideas that we're thinking about include
  • "Wiki" elements -- i.e. content that we develop on this site in a collaborative manner
  • more extensive personal profile sections where you can show off your stuff
  • an available MapleNet server so that you can serve up your application online for free
  • user and content ratings
  • a refereed online journal
Any thoughts you might have on these or any other big ideas would be very welcome ... Cheers ... and thanks for dropping by. T4.

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