There are two ways of directly entering math into MaplePrimes. The first is the <maple> tag. Any text between <maple></maple> tags will be interpreted as Maple syntax and be replaced with a 2D GIF image of that syntax.

For example, if you enter <maple>x^2/y^2</maple> you will get this image: x^2/y^2

Any Maple syntax will appear, so you can get complicated and enter this: <maple>sum(cos(x^2)/sin(exp(y)),x=1..infinity)</maple> which then appears as this image: sum(cos(x^2)/sin(exp(y)),x=1..infinity)

Note that Maple will perform some simplification on your Maple syntax, for example, <maple>2+2</maple> will become 2+2

You can also enter any math syntax using MathML. Any MathML tags will be replaced with a 2D GIF image of that MathML.

For example, this syntax:

<math xmlns=''>

Looks like this:

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