There has been active threads on easy ways to post Maple or math specific content - e.g. code snippets, good looking math, plots etc. This Web site will definitely be less effective if people are forced into cumbersome processes to put what most of us would consider to be "fundamental" information into their postings.

Theory has it that Maple is good at producing HTML code. For the original application that it was intended - i.e. creating self-contained Web pages, it works pretty well. Can this theory be extended to cover our MaplePrimes beta application. How easy is it to use Maple as the authoring environment to express some math and to do a plot and general HTML code that is useful for MaplePrimes? 

Let's consider a modest example: int(1/(1+x), x) = ln(1+x)Plot 

So the above was created using Maple 10 ... hence some of the fancy inline math stuff (appologies for the little "plug" here). Then the following was done: 1. Export as HTML, use GIF images (sorry MathML fans), no frames 2. Paste the entire source into the MaplePrimes content 3. Within MaplePrimes content editing environment attach all the GIFs contained in the image folder created by Maple. At this point, you have to do each one individually :-( 4. Within the pasted source, you need to replace image path prefix with the one generated by the attaching process (path is displayed in the attachment area). 5. If you're a font snob like me, you'll want to delete some of Maple's default formatting tags. 6. I found that clicking Preview at that point will not show the images properly but Sumitting and publishing does the right thing. Q1: Was it easy? It's pretty straight forward to understand but a bit of a pain to do. Enough little things to make the process annoying. If you're an HTML wiz (I'm not) you may find my whining totally meaningless. Q2: Will it get better? Yes. In the short term, we'll likely be posting a small script that will do the basic massaging of the source so the process is 1) compose 2) attach images 3) run script 4) paste. Still a bit of a pain but not as much as the existing way. Q3: Shouldn't Maple's HTML be better? Like I said, the current tools were designed a while back when most people wanted simple, standardized, no-brainer ways to post entire worksheets. World's changed since then and I'd like to make this thread the first public plea to enhance our HTML publishing features. If you have any opinions on suggestions on how to improve HTML publishing feature in Maple, this is a great place to post your thoughts. Ciao. T4.

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