This post in reply to the Post, Maple patch library (independent)

I have just seen this old thread in the "Recent" list, and, as I remember it well and because of curiosity, I have looked at it again. By browsing it, I have noted that as it stands right now, it makes little sense. As I keep a local Primes 1 backup, I have compared both and got a new unpleasant surprise to be added to the list brought by Primes 2: many posts (ten or more) in this thread, by Jacques, Joe, mine, etc, are missing, and the order of some remaining posts is altered. 

As this is the first old thread that I compare against my backup, unless something very exceptional has happened to this particular thread, this fact is, for me, a strong hint about a massive loss of information in the translation from Primes 1 to Primes 2. 

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