The welcome to the new Version 2 of Mapleprimes was announced on May 27, 2010.

On June 17, 2010, Will wrote, "We will likely re-visit the number of up-votes required for the various badges. No one has earned any of the up-vote related badges yet, so it may be important that we change the numbers required."

To date (July 13, 2010) the categories of Good Post, Great Post, Good Answer, Great Answer, Good Question, and Great Question are still empty.

At present there's only a small number of frequent voters on this site, despite there being many members who've voted at least once. And it's quite rare that old posts get voted upon, once they get pushed out of the active listings panels or the first pages of the history pages.

I suggest revising the requisite numbers of up-votes for those categories from 10 & 20 to either 5 & 10 or maybe 4 & 8. The requisites could always be raised later on, if the number of active, frequent voters increased enough to support it.

By the way, the images alongside the Good Answer and Good Question links on the Badges page are wrong. The words say "10" but the pictures to their left say "5". And the current thresholds must be greater than five, or else these is some other bug, since those categories are currently empty.

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