This sites needs better rendering of 2D Math.

Here is a sample from the Wikipedia page for Maplesoft, from the pdes example section. The image on Wikipedia is quite nice (it's alt-tags have LaTeX code, which may be a hint).

{\frac {\partial }{\partial t}}v \left( x,t \right) =-v \left( x,t \right) {\frac {\partial }{\partial x}}u  \left( x,t \right) +v \left( x,t \right)  \left( u \left( x,t  \right)  \right) ^{2}

And herebelow  is what Mapleprimes is currently producing for the same pde, using the only convenient entry method available right now -- the "Maple Math" button in the editing window's menubar .(I'm discounting the method of  edit+save+upload+conversion of an entire Standard GUI .mw worksheet, just to add some 2D Math to a Post here, since it is disproportionately onerous and also doesn't result in the maple code being included in the images' alt-tags.)

diff(v(x, t), t) = -v(x,t)*(diff(u(x,t), x))+v(x,t)*u(x,t)^2

That image, produced here by Mapleprime's back-end (MapleNet?), is quite poor. It's not just the size and jaggedness of symbols which is disappointing, but also the relative bracket sizing, the distance between letter and brackets, and the relative size of superscripts.

If you can see both, above, then what do you think? Which one looks like it was produced by a modern, high quality mathematical typesetting system?

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