A new release of MapleSim is now available.

MapleSim 4.5 Highlights

  • Enhanced Modelica support, including the ability to access new collections of components using the Modelica import feature

  • Increased speed and modeling capabilities for continuous systems with discrete events. The enhanced engine handles a far greater class of these systems than earlier versions, and shows significant performance improvements for existing hybrid discrete/continuous models. With the improved engine, MapleSim can now handle models that include hundreds of events. Models with discrete events will often run 10 times faster than in MapleSim 4, with some models running over 100 times faster.

  • Expanded collection of tools for creating and managing models. MapleSim 4.5 simplifies parameter set management and provides a convenient mechanism for modeling linear discrete systems.

See What’s New in MapleSim 4.5 for more details. 

We are offering MapleSim 4.5 as a free upgrade to all MapleSim 4 customers. MapleSim 4 customers can download MapleSim 4.5 from our web site or get it through the automatic Check for Updates feature built into MapleSim (where available). For more information on obtaining MapleSim 4.5, visit Download Product Updates - MapleSim 4.5.


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