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Maple 12.02 is now available. The Maple 12.02 update includes enhancements in a variety of areas, including:

Reduce became free and is available for download.


We are happy to announce Maplesoft's latest solution for modeling and simulation is now available!  For those of you who are not familiar with the product, it is a high-performance multi-domain modeling and simulation tool which will revolutionize how you bring products to market.

To learn more about MapleSim follow this link.

Just to clarify, this is not a post to discuss the character played by Cliff Robertson in the movie Gidget....this is much bigger.  This is to announce who the Maple Prime's Mentor of the Year is.  But before I get to that, I would like to thank all members of the Maple Primes community for their contributions over the past year. I hope that you will continue to be active and contribute regularly to Maple Primes.

Maple 12.01 is now available. The Maple 12.01 update includes enhancements in a variety of areas, including:

  • Differential equations and differential algebraic equations: Numerous enhancements to performance of numerical solvers
  • MATLAB link: Extended to include support for MATLAB 2008b
  • Language packs: Updates for Spanish, Brazilian-Portuguese, Greek, Japanese, and Chinese
  • Plotting:
    • Improved behavior in plot3d when using numpoints and grid options
    • The plots[display] command now handles dual-axis plots inside array plots
  • Graph Theory: Context-sensitive menus updated to include more graph theory commands
  • Other improvements were made in:
    • Numeric integration
    • Physics package
    • SolveTools package
    • ArrayTools package
    • Debugger

It is not every day that a venerable and wide-ranging standard such as IEEE-754 gets an update!  IEEE 754 dates from 1985 (that was the year it was approved, the actual work started years before).  Wikipedia has a nice summary of the changes.

Of course now inquiring minds want to know: will Maple 13 by IEEE-754-2008 compliant? [For all I know, it might already be most of the way there, with only minor tweaks necessary].

Back to school, back to school, to prove to dad that I'm not a fool...(if you don't know what this is from, google it)

Well now that the school year has started, it's time to get the old grey matter going.  Now if you're a student on this board, there's a good chance that:

a) you know how to use Maple and are helping others out; or

b) you are not familiar with Maple and you want all the help you can get.

I'm assuming there are more people...

This is it… the big one: the nomination period is now open for the Maple Mentor of the Year.  The winner of this prestigious title will receive among other things, a trip to Maplesoft HQ in beautiful Waterloo.  Nominations will be accepted for the month of September, and the recipient will be announced in mid-October.

Does anyone remember (or have) that album?  Anyway, school has started, so summer is officially gone in the eyes of most.  With one more month gone, it’s time for another Mentor Award to be given out.  The recipient of the title Maple Mentor for the month of August, and all the riches and glory that accompany it, is Joe Riel.  Way to go Joe.

Keep on posting!

To the members of the MaplePrimes community,

I am posting this message in response to some comments that have been made about Maplesoft’s commitment and involvement in the MaplePrimes community.  Let me assure you that we at Maplesoft take these comments seriously, and I would like to take this opportunity to personally address this issue.

Now that July has come and gone (along with most of the summer), it's time to announce the Maple Mentor Award winner for July.  Congratulations Acer...not only did you win, but you are our first repeat monthly winner!  You know the drill, so let us know what prize you would like.

Hard to believe it's that time already...we are pleased to announce that the winner of the monthly Maple Mentors Award for June is Mario Lemelin (aka lemelin) .  Mario will receive a prize of his choice to thank him for his involvement with the MaplePrimes community.

Congratulations...and keep on posting!


8337_MSim Logo.jpgWe are happy to announce the latest product to the Maple line of software.  MapleSim is a high-performance multi-domain modeling and simulation tool which will revolutionize how you bring products to market.

So, after many years in the making, version 1.0 of wine is released.

Can anyone say, whether it'll run Maple 12?


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