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Have a problem with MaplePrimes? Want to suggest a possible improvement to the site? Please post it here.
Is there a privacy statement somewhere on this site that one can read ? I was just wondering about the rights of users of Mapleprimes with respect to ownership of intellectual property after it is publicly released. For example, can Maplesoft and/or Mapleprimes use anything from the Mapleprimes site without the permission of the original author ? Was just wondering, v/r,
Sometimes when I reply to a forum posting, or look at some forum topics, the text box that would contain the body of the posting is misaligned from above formatting options, e.g. "I, B, spellcheck etc". It's pushed more to the right side of the screen, even after I scroll completely to the right. Thanks, Dan
The site's search often doesn't produce any results even in the cases where Google search gives links to this site on the first two pages. Example - eludom. If that can't be improved, can at least a Google site search (i.e. with be added as an alternative search option? Alec
I have a question about this site. Does Mapleprimes keep your postings at the different forums indefinitely ? I would like to have all my collected postings, blogs, etc stored somewhere for possible future reference. Can I rely on mapleprimes to have all my postings collected as part of my records ? Should I start manually collecting all the information I want on my own ? thanks, Dan
The server time seems to be (at least) 5 minutes off. Alec
I have to press 'login' twice to get the navigation bar on the LHS to show me as 'logged in'. This has been happening to me for about a month now, and it is irritating. I am using Firefox on Windows XP.
First, my profile got erased and replaced with some outdated information - like I am working at Tennessee Tech etc. I don't work there anymore (or anywhere else) since June. All my favorite mathematicians/scientists got erased and I have to think again about that and try to recall who was included there. Fortunately, I didn't have this problem with my favorite performance artists etc. - the entry got erased, but I easily restored it. Next, clicking on Dr. produces an empty page titled People who have the title <em>Dr. </em> instead of a list including me and other Drs.
Few hours before I post a blog post to MaplePrimes. I remember that some text appeared that posting was successful. But I can't see it in "my blog". Can you help me?
When I log in today, I end up as user "dotdotdot" who has been a member for "one week one day". What happened? [G. Edgar, actually a member for a lot longer than that]
I have noticed, that a text, that was converted from MW to HTML is not correctly displayed. Link to my text is If you look at the end of the text, you will se the command > f:=x->piecewise(x FSeries:=FSeriesOfFunction(f,-Pi..Pi); which is not correct. The text "FSeries:=FSeriesOfFunction(f,-Pi..Pi);" is the next command. View the original worksheet via the MapleNet to see the difference The problem is in displaying of the symbol "lower than" (which is in definition of piecewise continous function), because the publication system (or what) thinks that it is the begining of an unsupported HTML tag. What about to substitute "lower than" for "< ;" during the conversion (and the same for "grater than" symbol)?
that location loads extremely slow - even using a very fast connection it may need over 20 sec to load (and with a modem it is sometimes messy ...)

it seems it had become slow over the last weeks
Private messages allow the use of markup tags. However, the only action is "submit"; I cannot preview the message to ensure that my inserted markup is correct.
When I click the "blogs" tab at the top, I do not get a list of blogs, but only "Bratva's blog" (in Cyrillic). Needs a fix...
I'm not quite sure where this should go. I'll post it in MaplePrimes suggestions for now, and move it elsewhere (MapleNet, MapleTA, ...?) if others feel that would be advisable. I have uploaded a Maple 10 worksheet that implements the Hill Substitution Cypher for encoding messages. The worksheet uses embedded components to create what amounts to a Maple syntax-free interface. Here are two views of the worksheet. First, the worksheet on MapleNET. And, second, to download
It seems to me that when I look at lists such as New Content that I see messages in a scrambled order. I'd like to see them in reverse date order. Rich
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