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Have a problem with MaplePrimes? Want to suggest a possible improvement to the site? Please post it here.
I can see it on the first page - maybe - but when I start browsing the forums, I don't want all the stuff on both sides. Rich
I'd like one. Or do we have it and I just have not seen it? Rich
I generally use MaplePrimes from Internet Explorer 6.0 in Windows 98SE with my screen resolution set to 800x600. In this configuration, I sometimes have problems reading the contents of text boxes at the far right of the screen. For example, this happens whenever I post a comment or send a private message. The problem is that the text is not displayed because it is overwritten by the lists of Active Forum Topics, Recent Blog Posts, Recent Comments, etc.
Today, I noticed that when my comments on a post are displayed, every word of the title is capitalized, as in
    Uploading A Group Of Files?
Yet, in the Recent Comments column on the far right of the screen, the title is displayed just as I entered it:
    Uploading a Group of Files?
I just sent a private message, which now appears in my Sent-messages folder. I then created a new folder called MaplePrimes, but there is no way to move my sent message into this new folder. There is a Move-to-folder button in every other nonempty folder (e.g., Inbox) but not in the Sent-messages folder. Could MaplePrimes please add this functionality? Thanks! -- Frederick W. Chapman, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Waterloo
One of the best features of MaplePrimes is that members can incorporate typeset 2-D mathematics into their posts—a huge advantage over text-only forums like Usenet, for example. MaplePrimes currently allows math input using either Maple syntax or MathML. There may be a straightforward way to support the input of 2-D math using TeX/LaTeX as well. This post suggests one possible way to add this new functionality to MaplePrimes.
I really like that MaplePrimes tracks the number of times each blog and forum post is read. Could MaplePrimes also track the number of times each file attachment is downloaded? That would be great! -- Frederick W. Chapman, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Waterloo
When MaplePrimes displays a list of posts in a table (e.g., all posts in a particular forum, all posts by a particular member), it is hard to read the post titles because there is no separation between the rows of the table. There are several ways MaplePrimes could make these tables easier to read:
In my brief experience posting to my blog and to forums on MaplePrimes, I've noticed the following four issues:
I joined MaplePrimes three short days ago and already feel very enthusiastic about all it has to offer. Just yesterday, I introduced myself in my first blog post. Much to my amazement, my post was read over 150 times in the first 24 hours, which is more traffic than my home page sees in weeks—what a great website! I have some questions and suggestions concerning MaplePrimes member profiles:
How long is MaplePrimes going to remain in beta ? Are there more features planned, or are you just waiting for a more appropriate time to make an announcement ? Personally, I think it's done, and overall it's a very good job. By the way, I hope the company makes a good effort to promote this site at the conference. Set up a computer set up in the main lobby where people could see the site. Just use a notebook with external keyboard, monitor, and mouse, and mooch wireless internet from the venue. On a sidenote, I think wireless internet was probably the most requested feature of last year's conference.
Can we please increase the amount of time uses are logged in after entering their name and password ? I have lost a number of good posts because the time expires while I am writing the post and then I hit submit. You get a blank screen telling you to log in and there is no way to use the forward and back buttons on your browser to resubmit the post. Usually I copy and paste my post to avoid this problem, however sometimes I forget and it's a terrible waste.
I define the tower function as base^^(-1)=0, base^^0=1, and base^^1=base. In general, base^^(height+1)=base^(base^^height). My program to calculate it has four inputs: base, iter( number of iterations),h(fractional part of height), and k(integral part of height). Two outputs: answer and prec(precision). For example 1.21^^(1/3)=1.1056691794 and 1.21^^(2/3) =1.1702307336. For this program .20<base<1.44, 0<=h<=1, and iter>=20 an even integer. If base<1 or k<=-2 the answer will be complex. This cannot be used for 1.60^^(7/2)=3.0863796925. I would like to put this in my library.
if a msg contains "r smallerthan 0" without a blank that the rest is cut off, while "r <><><>
My last post in "How Do I Newbie", and subsequent replies mistakenly appeared on the front page of the Maple Primes site. I don't know how this happened. Could anyone see if there's a possible glitch with the site or just my account ? I'm not sure if one of the options when creating posts is to choose the main page as one of the forums to post your topic. dc.
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