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Have a problem with MaplePrimes? Want to suggest a possible improvement to the site? Please post it here.
My signature isn't showing up.
We've already had a couple of very good tips and techniques posted by users. It would be nice to somehow pool these together and make it easy for users to "browse" ... at the beginning the moderators could make the call on what is a "great tip" but over time, there may be a more democratic mechanism ... any thoughts? T4.
I just posted a small maple module assignment. I used the code tag to typeset the module, however, the result, at least as previewed, strips off the indentation, which is not convenient. Here's an example: someproc := proc() description "this does nothing useful"; "this line should be indented"; NULL end proc;
Can you movie the "Preview" and "Submit" buttons? Maybe just below the "Body" box, above all the others (Input Format, Creative Commons, Attachments).
How about the choices I make in "Creative Commons" remembered for the future, so I don't have to re-do them every time?
Please use this forum to post any problems that you have with this website. Please also add any suggestions that you have as well. This forum is moderated by Will.
The Inbox and Private Message functionality has the potential to be very useful. Some issues: On selecting "Write a New Message", I see a blank field "To" next to a field marked "--contacts--". "--contacts--" should presumably expand to a list of users who I've marked as my contacts. However, the only way I can find to add to this list is to compose/receive mail from some user. 1) I might like to add a user to my Contacts list for future reference, without actually composing an email to this person immediately. 2) I think of 'contacts' as frequent contacts, and would like to be abl
We're now getting into the final points. One thing that I envisioned for this site is some way for individuals to showcase themselves and if they wanted to share certain identifying and possibly fun information. Currently that section looks extremely corporate and wreaks of someone wanting spam targets.

My suggestions are,

1) remove telephone numbers all together
2) keep addresses as knowing what country, city, organization etc.
3) My job is, (choose one only):
- technical professional in industry or government
- professor or university staff
- graduate student
- undergraduat student
Just out of curiosity, are we actually intending on using the content rating tools, or are they there as part of the default Drupal installation? I ask because the rating boxes (e.g. here) take up a reasonable amount of screen space, and never seem to go away, even after one rates the page. I would expect the rating box to go away or change after I've rated something. At the moment I find the rating boxes distracting, since I'm more interested in the user-provided text.
Under "my account" there seems to be no easy way of listing all of my recent posts (of all types). There's only an option to list recent blogs. Most of my content are either forum posts or stories as proper blogs are not one of the default content options that I'm given. T4.
I find the font/colour combinations make posts a bit hard to read sometimes.
  1. The title colour for comments and times is a light grey, while the colour of comment text is a darker grey. These can be hard to read against a white background. With occasional exceptions, non-coloured text against a white background should be black for maximum contrast.
  2. Distinct comments should be visually separated from each other somehow, either by a horizontal bar or by using a different background colour for comment headers. (The latter is what is done, for example on Slashdot).
Presently, any links outside of the Maple Primes site open in the same window. Would it be possible to have the external links open in a different windows. This way once done viewing the external link the window can be closed and there is still a Maple Primes session window open. Presenly, one must backspace out of the external site to get back to Maple Primes. Any thoughts on this? JB
According to the information on message formatting, all posts are formatted using HTML tags. This will prove problematic for people posting snippets of Maple input, which is likely to happen often. For example: ========================================================= > p := piecewise(x
The XML icon for the site's RSS feed appears on the left-hand side of the screen, and the feed works when I add it manually as a Live Bookmark in Mozilla Firefox. So the site is certainly capable of RSS feeds. However, I think the convention is that sites with RSS should also advertise this fact by adding metadata to the page header, which MaplePrimes doesn't yet do. An example of this metadata is: <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS 2.0" href="" /> <link rel="alternate" type="text/xml" title="RSS .92" href="" />
I'm not sure what the snail-mail addresses are going to be used for. In any case, if they're going to be requested, it would be helpful to include a field for province/state information there. We currently have just "City" and "Country". As it is, there isn't enough information to create a mailing address from what's provided. (There's actually a Waterloo, Quebec, as I'm reminded of every time I go to site.)
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