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If there are still doubts to support "long double" in evalhf then there is one more argument to implement them in at least those machines that support it:

P.S. In that well-known holy war about long double supporting in compilers i'm rather on side of "to support them" than on side of (stupid) microsoft visual c++ compiler.

I am a little disappointed in the update frequency of Maple. 

Maple 15 saw one relatively minor update and I don't foresee any more updates for this version before the next release which is unfortunate.  Then again, was Maple 15 refined so good that it didn't need much fixing?  Something tells me no, but please enlighten me otherwise. 

The threshold for updating seems to be getting smaller and smaller.  What I mean by that is, it seems...

I have come across this previously but I never had the energy to report it.
The problem is that there exist a bug in Vector[row] when n>10.

For example run the below code:

a1 := Vector[row]([seq(w[i], i = 1 .. 5)]);
a2 := Vector[column]([seq(w[i], i = 1 .. 5)]);

a3 := Vector[row]([seq(w[i], i = 1 .. 20)]);
a4 := Vector[column]([seq(w[i], i = 1 .. 20)]);



I recently had a journal article accepted but was told that several of the graphs had to be redone because the axes were not thick enough to reproduce. Unfortunately, Maple has no way to edit the axes for thickness, so I had to export the differential equations to Matlab and integrate them there to get publication quality graphs. I have been having more trouble every year with the quality of Maple's graphics output, and this really puts a cherry on it. I would be pleased as punch if Maple could include a graph editor that would let us customize a graph to make it presentable to publishers. Maple does so many things so well it is a shame to leave this on the back burner.

Rereading this old thread, it's nice to see that some of the wishes for Maple 15 were indeed implemented. I suppose it's a little too late to wish for Maple 16 if it is indeed scheduled for release this coming Spring, but how about our wishes for Maple 17?

Currently, the size of a table/matrix which can be exported to a spreadsheet is limited to 255 columns X 65535 rows. I believe this rule was implemented because of the maximum possible size of a spreadsheet(Am I right?) . This used to be the case in Excel 2003, but since Excel 2007, a spreasheet  can be : 1,048,576 rows by 16,384 columns.


Maybe it is time to update this rule?


Excel 2003 :

Hope the following statistics is of interest for the Maple community. Here are some data concerning the numbers of downloads of unlicensed copies from one of Russian torrents (see scrn1.doc , scrn2.doc , and scrn3.doc):
Maple 14 - 11.427
Mathematica 7 - 21.137.
In fact, the quantity for Mathematica 7 is  a...

The order of 1 in any finite field (that I tried) created by GF is NULL. For example,

use F in order(one) end;

It should be 1.


I am a mechanical engineering graduate student and I use Maple daily for everything from school projects to homework. Unfortunately, printing anything out (to hand in) either (a) ends up looking absolutely terrible / enormous or (b) takes forever to format. I have to go through and apply all of these styles I've saved that make all of the fonts smaller and a different color (and when I do that, things look weird.... powers are impinging on their bases [e.g. the x and 3 in x^3 are fused...

 Work plan for the Russian Maple Application Center in 2011.

 1. Popularization of the new features of Maple 15.
 2. Popularization of educational MAC-articles.

 3. The transformation of the most popular Russian-language Internet maths textbook to the business card of Maple.
 4. Further approval of Maple as the best assistant in preparation for the delivery of the Single State Exam (Russia).
 5. Further approval of Maple...

In the new Maple 15, if any calculation or process requires more than a few seconds, the cursor does not change to the hourglass (or equivalent) symbol. This makes it difficult to tell whether anything is happening and gives the impression that the program has hung.


I suggest that the hourglass (or equivalent) be resurrected whenever anything takes more than a few seconds.

This page from the Online Help suggests that GMP 4.2.1 is still being used in Maple 15.

But the latest "stable" release is GMP 4.3.2, see release notes here (various fixes and improvements in the 4.3.xx series mentioned).

Perhaps this could be updated in a service release Maple 15.xx.


 It seems I can't add a response to this message, so I added some detail to it.

Consider f, the partial sums of the convergent series related to

Maple is such a useful and wonderful sorftware, but,

coud you make the classic worksheet compatible with 64bits?

There are packages (grtensor) that do not run on the new worksheet.



Of 4000 daily visitors of the site pages Russian Maple ApCent (during the examination session) 3800 - Russian students, and only 100 - Ukrainian. Sad.
Dynamics of visits:
June 2010 - 44.656 (35,000 for one day! - Unified state examination in mathematics (EGE) 

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