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How can I specify english units as the default in Flow?  Rather than Newtons (N), pound force (lbf)?

1 - Is there a specefic place to make suggestions for the next revision of Maple Flow 2022?

(As opposed to just blasting them out on the forum)

2 - When entering text in a container...

I hit Ctl+R to switch to Math mode ... but how do I switch back to text mode in the same container?

For instance I hit the space bar for a text container and enter some text...

Then I hit Ctl+R to enter some math like maybe to enter a variable with a subscript...

Then I want to return to text mode in the same container...

How do I do this?

Thanks for any help.


Given: f := (R1 + Rc)/(4*C*Rf*R1)

Where ...

R1 := 10^5

R2 := 300*10^3

R3 := 75*10^3

Rf := 10^4

Rc := R2

C := 10^(-6)

Now to find the value of "f" enter...


and I get ...

25.000 + 2.500*10^(-4)*Rc

But ...if I enter ...

(R1 + Rc)/(4*C*Rf*R1) = 

I get 100.000

Which I think is the correct answer.

Why isn't Maple Flow 2022 returning 100 when I ask for the value of "f" ?

I'm sure I'm doing something incorrect so maybe some kind soul will give me some guidance.

Thanks for any help.

PS - Is there an easy way to enter a set of equations from Maple Flow  2022... like the above... without having to copy and paste each one individually?

I enter ...

5*a^2 + 2*b - 7 = 0



and get b=b not b=1

I thought I figgured out how to do this a couple of weeks ago but after an absense from Maple Flow I'll be darn'd if I can remember how to make it work.

Of course I can manually manulape the the equation...

b := (-5*a^2 + 7)/2


then enter b =

and get the rusults 1 ... but I thought Maple Flow would do all that for me in the first instane above...

Thanks for any help.



One of my areas of expertise is in Designer Filters EMC. Could any professional that already uses MapleFlow for EMC and Electromagnetism, help me about the main functions of this amazing software?


Leandro Zamaro

Given a function like f(x)=2*x

I can enter this in Flow 2022 like this ...  f := x -> 2*x;

1 - But how to enter the general case f(x) where the function is not defined beyond just f(x)?

2 - And ultimately how to enter the below?

In either case ...

Since f(x) is the general case and not defined as in my intial example above ...
I can't figure out how to enter this into Flow 2022

Thanks for any help.

System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

Maple Flow 2022

Question 1 - How would you enter this in Maple Flow 2022?

I can create "i sub C" by pressing "space+ underbar" two times

but I can'g get (t) ... the "function of t" to go with C as part of the subscript.

So, how would you enter this into Flow 2022?

Question 2 - I watched this video ... Taking Derivatives in Maple 15 and he demonstrates right clicking to get a "Context Menu" ... I was unable to get this to work in Flow 2022 ... should it work or is that feature only avaible in Maple?

Thanks for any help.

I expected Maple Flow 2022 to return return 2 pi Radians as the answer to the below ... but instead it returned 360 arcdeg.

360 arcdeg * (pi rad/180 arcdeg) =

Question: Why don't the "arcdeg" units cancel out and Maple Flow 2022 return the answer 2 pi rad ?
I expected Maple Flow to handle the units by cancelling out the "arcdeg" units and return 2 pi rad as the answer.

(Note: in this post I placed a space between the numbers and the units for clarity ...
understanding that in Flow you actually enter the number, then press Ctl+Space+U then enter the unit.)

Thanks for any help.

I'm running Maple Flow 2022 on a Win10 Pro PC...

When looking at a Maple Flow worksheet I press Ctl-F to search for something on the worksheet ...

The search seems to work but the "found text" turns white ... so it is hard to see ... any fix for this?

Also, Is Dark Mode available for Maple Flow?

Thanks for any help.

I read it somewhere along the way but can't find it now ...

When entering Text into a Text Container you can inter-mix math in the Text Container ...

I think it was some key-stroke that told Maple Flow that you were switchng to entering Math ...

Can someone please remind me how to do this.

Thanks for any Help.

I should know this by now but its been a long day learning Maple Flow 2022 and my eyes are rolling back in my head and I'm not thinking clearly ... so maybe some kind soul will gentley remind me how to  specify a the units for a number are Radians ...

When I look at the Units Palette in Maple Flow I don't see a unit symbol for radians ... or did I miss it?

Altenately ...

An example for specifying feet ...
type the number
press Ctl+Shift+U
type ft

An example for specifying radians...
enter the number
press Ctl+Shift+U
type what?

I know Maple Flow 2022 uses Radians by default ... but  when I just type a number without specifying units it could be anything.

Thanks for any help.

Question 1: The Common Symbols palette referenced in the the section titled ... "Solution 2 - Use the Palettes" in Online Help HERE ...

Where is the Common Symbols palette in Maple Flow 2022 ... or is it missing?

Question 2: How can I add it if it  is missing as it looks very handy.

Question 3: Can you create custom Palettes and if so how?

Question 4: OT: Any chance of getting a spell checke for Forum Post ? :-)

Thanks for any help.

I know they must be in Maple Flow somewhere but after 45 minutes of looking ... I'm asking ...

Where are the common scientific constants in Maple Flow?

For instance "e" for Euler's number ~2.71828, or "c" the speed of light  in a vacuum ...

Or must I define them myself?

Thanks for any help.

PS - I'm wondering if prior knowlede of the original "Maple Math" program is expected of Maple Flow users?

I'm new to MapleSoft having just acquired MapleFlow 2022 and am making my way through the first few tutorials.
After a few hours I have started to accumulate some questions ...

First ... is the proper forum for Maple Flow 2022? I didn't see "Maple Flow" in the "Tags" so just checking.

Now my questions ...

I - Page Margins: Are their no Page Margins or Rulers?
When looking at print preview my content shows up split vertically with half on page-1 and half on page-2.
How do I easily keep up with what is on Page 1 and what is on Page 2, etc?

II - Draw Tool: Is it true that the  "Draw Tool" only appears when hovering over an imported image? That has been my experience.
In fact I wouldn't have known there was a draw tool except by accident ... after I had imported an image ... then wondered why the image tool appeared then disappeared ... discovering later it appeared when hovering the mouse over an image.
It would be very handy to be able to draw on the canvas without restricting it to drawing on an imported image ...
Is there a way to draw on the canvas without having to import an image ...
If not I guess one could import a blank image and then draw on that ... or what?

iii - Apps to Create Images: What applications do you use for creating images? I've experimented with PC Paint and Inkscape but wondered what image creation software you guys may use.

IV - SVG Files: Are there plans to be able to create or import and manipulate SVG files? (Like fromInkscape? That would be very handy.)

V - Adding Units:
I saw in the video "Introducing Maple Flow: A Freeform Whiteboard for Design Calculations" at minute 15:53 ...
That you can add Units by holding down CTL+Shift and then pressing U as in the example below ...
    Click on the Canvas
    Type 2
    Hold down Ctl+Shift then press U
    Overwrite the unit placeholder with "m"
    Type +
    Type 3
    Hold down Ctl+Shift then press U
    Overwrite the unit placeholder with "ft"
    Press =
    Press Enter, Tab, or the Arrow key
After numerous attempts, I was unable to get this to work ... is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
(I was able to get units to work using other techniques noted in the examples that came with the program but the above method
would be useful ... if I could get the darn thing to work :-)

I'm excited about learning and using MapleFlow ... so thanks to any kind soul who has the patience to answer some questions for me along the way :-)

System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit PC

Backspacing at the end of a few math containers on one row will shift them upwards beyond the top screen out of view and out of existence.  Your last chance of retrieval is when you can still see the bottom half portions of the letters/equations before you need to go to the first point and press enter to bring them down.  Once they're out of view, there's no chance to bring back what you wrote - the assignments are still valid.  Also note CRTL-Z will not bring them back. 

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