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The label for the horizontal axis refuses to be printed no mater what I tried. I can insert, change and manipulate the vertical axis label but not the horizontal. I don't know what else to try.


Very broad query, but I was wondering if anyone has experience of converting Mathcad code to Maple (v13)? I have a series of files that I am looking to re-code in Maple but am having some issues with equivalent syntax etc. The code varies from simple work to more complex studies with variants of FFT (including complex values).

Any help would be most welcome.



y = g/(1+exp(-a-i*c))+h/(1+exp(-b-i*d))

I cannot solve this for i. When I use maple I get a big result with a RootOf function that I don't know how to handle. I've looked around and I cannot find anything that will help me.


Can someone please show me how to solve this?



Hello everyone,


I want to create a loop in descending order like this: for i from 100 by -0.01 to 0 do ....

I wrote functions trying this logical solution but nothing, please help, it's very important to me to get the answer as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance!


Dear MaplePrimers,

The y-axis of my graphs consists of small values (<10^(-4)). Unfortunately, Maple displays a lot of numbers after the comma and it's not cool. Is there a command or option that allows to control the numeric formatting (scientific, engineering...) of a particular axis? Specifically, I need to change the decimal formatting to scientific notation. The x-axis is OK and not must be changed.



Is there a way of exporting a maplet programme into a universal programme so anyone can access it (someone who does not run maple)?


Thanks in advance

A long while ago, I wrote a couple posts (part1 and part2) about mining data from the US SSA website.  I subsequently adapted the code from those blog posts into a visual application with sliders and interactive plots.  If you have played with the new ?MapleCloud functionality in Maple 14, you may have seen it posted already.

My question is this: 

In with(DifferentialGeometry): with(JetCalculus) with(Physics):

I work with the following Jet Bundle:

DGsetup([x], [u, psi], E, 40), 

where psi is declared anticommuting with Setup(anticommutativeprefix={psi}). 

When I work with expressions that are differential polynomials in u with coefficients arbitrary functions of u, the EulerLagrange operator behaves correctly. The same is true if I multiply these expressions by psi or by psi_1 ...



be a generating function with 1-p=q in (0,1). Then the repeated function composition


gives me some concrete expression. What is the simplest way to get the general expression for 3 replaced by n?   

How to change this general form to solve :

How to calculate with Maple Fourier coefficients on some numerical valued functions and how to calculate and plot the 3 partial sums :


Function B : on the interval [-phi, phi]

f(x)= NUMERICAL (x – phi/2) + NUMERICAL (x+phi/2)


Function C : on the interval [-phi, phi]

f(x) =  NUMERICAL (x+phi/2)

I enclose Maple general solution to the PDF heat equation in 1 dimention.


I need corrections of it to enable me to calculate the heat equation in certain conditions :

 du(x,t)/dt - d^2/x,t)/dx^2 = ;   t>0, x belongs to interval [0,phi[

with boundary conditions :

u(x,0) = sin(x)cos^2(x) ; x belongs to interval [0, phi)

u(0,t) = 0

u(phi,t) = 0  ;  t is still t>0


I'm solving a non-linear system of equations (8 equations, 7 parameters) numerically using Fsolve.

Here's my problem: I run fsolve in a loop for different values of one specific parameter. What I would like to do however is have a matrix of parameter values and tell fsolve to pick a new row of that matrix each time as parameter values until it has run down all the rows.


I just need some general guidelines and the commands. Much appreciate the help...

If you highlight words that are above or below one another on an adjacent line, the highlighting does not highlight properly. 

In the Belgium lottery they pick 6 numbers out of 42   (  there can't be 2 equals numbers being picked out )
Now for my maple homework , i must do some exercices in maple

1 ) Simulate the lottery
2 ) If you partici

hi all! i am **brand new** with maple 13 as well as trigonometry, which i am using the program for. i have figured out how to plot the unit circle with the command:

>plot( [cos(t), sin(t), t=0..2*Pi] );<

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