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    I  want to get the variational value of omega when KR[N]>0.2, but  the omega of my procedure remain the same,  how do I change my program to get the variational value of omega when KR[N]>0.2.

Thank you !

My procedure:
> Digits:=30;
> h0:=0.156;
> d:=0.32*h0;
> l:=2;
> h1:=h0-d;
> h2:=h0+d;
> h3:=0.6*h0;
> g:=9.8;
> d1:=1;



i want to adding new maple package file extension with .lib  .ind  .eps.

i didnt find where to copy this.

Dear All,

I am a bigginer of Maple. I'm trying to solve the following in Maple.


> with(Statistics);
> f := Distribution(NormalDistribution(0.3,1));

> Y := RandomVariable(f);
> fy := PDF(Y, y);

> Fy := CDF(Y, y);

> int((diff(-ln(1-Fy), y))*fy, y = -infinity .. infinity);

> w := evalf(%);


But Maple told me that the answer is the integral -float(∞)..float(∞).


I tried to export my maple document to latex using file->export function, but it won't export file correctly. For example

in maple
> a := 5431; b := 15971; c := 20551;
> f := -a-b-c;

in latex


I've a problem with the buttons. It's not a problem to make a line break, but if I reload or change the text into my button (while the program ist running) maple/maplets ignores all line breaks.

Here is an small example (maybe not the best):

with(Maplets[Elements]): ToGreen := proc()
Maplets:-Tools:-Set(B(caption) = "blue\nhallo");
end proc:

maplet := Maplet([   

Hello! Firt time in this amazing website, from which I have gotten may useful responses in the past!

Please excuse any "misbehavior". Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

My question is about theu use of arrays. Specifically, I want to beable to collect matrices in an array. With collect I mean to do something like this:

    Why the zeta1 does not plug in numerical calculation.
 My program:

> h0:=0.156;
> d:=0.32*h0;
> l:=1;
> h1:=h0-d;
> h2:=h0+d;
> h5:=evalf(2/3*h0);
> h7:=h0;
> s1:=evalf(2/3);
> s2:=evalf(2/3);
> g:=9.8;
> d1:=1;
> Term:=10;
> Num:=5:
> n:=1:
> for N from 1 to Num do
> k0:=evalf(0.5*Pi+2*(N-1)*Pi/(Num-1)):


I'm trying to write a function in an 'n' dimensional vector such that I can call upon this function in a loop to define hessian matrices, or simply evaluate the function value for a given input. Here's an example:

F(x,y,z)= 6*x^2 + 3x*y^2 - 1.5*z^3

which is a function in 3 dimensions with x,y,z representing the 3 components of a design vector.

I want to be able to call upon this function in a loop such as:

> Digits:=30:
> with(linalg):
> h[0]:=0.156;:
> d:=0.32*h[0]:
> l:=4:
> h[1]:=h[0]-d:
> h[2]:=h[0]+d:
> g:=9.8:
> Term:=12:
> Num:=3:
> n:=4:
> for N from 1 to Num do
> lambda:=2*n*Pi/l:## N1 wei sha ba tiao shu
> epsilon:=evalf(0.5+2*(N-1)/(Num-1)):
> k[0]:=evalf(0.5*Pi+2*(N-1)*Pi/(Num-1)):
> tau[0]:=evalf(k[0]*h[0]):
> omega:=evalf((g*k[0]*tanh(k[0]*h[0]))^(1/2)):

Dear Experts,

I am novice to Maple 14, to do some numerical work I am using its 2D math input. I am having problem while using an itegral equation with a limit from 0 to infinity, when I use this limit; in answer I got un-solved equatoin instead a numerical value and this un-solved equation have FLOAT value, when I tried with some other input that time maple give answer again 

I have simplified a fairly large expression derived by Maple and am chacking to see if the two expressions are the same.  Previously, when I did this, the result was pretty straightforward: when the output was 0 = 0, the expressions were the same; however, now when Maple simplifies the expression I can sometimes use a combination of the simplify, factor, expand, collect, and combine functions to get it to spit out 0 = 0, but sometimes I can't.  Here is an example which shows the problem.

Chebyshev polynomials have the form:


Tn(x) = cos(n*arccos(x))


orthogonality interval is (-1, 1) for n = (2, 3, 4,

Hello again Maple forums, it's been a while but I'm confident I came to the right place :)

I'm trying to fit our data (attached: to this function of Z:


It has the linear parameters a-f...

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