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I have a large sheet containing about three proc(). Four symbolic matrices of though small order but with complex values are being imported. There are also some other statements other than mentioned above. I have writing them in text mode.

What could be the possible reasons for connnection lost with maple though I have 4 GB of ram.



Let say that you have two datasets:

z1 := GetCSV("");
z2 := GetCSV("

Good afternoon everbody,

I am trying to make a rational interpolation from the data of a function (values of the function for different points).
I tried to do it with the RationalInterpolation command but it requires too much time. Then I chose to solve the problem with the NonlinearFit command but the result varies a lot if I a change the basic function I want to approach and I always get a warning message: limiting numer of iterations reached.

 d^2(x)/d(t^2) + sin(x)=0  (1)

d^2(x)/d(t^2) + x = 0 (2)

d^2(x)/d(t^2) + ( x - (x)^3/6) = 0 (3)

1) Compare the results of numerical simulations of (1), (2), (3) to see how closely the period of the periodic orbits relate.

a) Perform a phase portrait ( (x)'(t) vs. x ) analysis for (1), (2), and (3).

b) Consider the initial conditions x(0)= x0 and x'(0)=0. For what intervals of x0 do the periodic orbits of (2...

I have a Matrix 'A' in maple with symbolic entries and I need to use that Matrix in matlab M file. The symbols with in 'A' are already initialized in M file.

How is this possible?

For Matrices 'A' of small dimension, I can use the codegeneration package to convert 'A' to Matlab Matrix and then copy paste.

But for matrices of 1000x1000, lets say, does not seem as a option.

I want to solve 4 nonlinear equation using maple. I want to find many roots of this 4 nonlinear equation.

I have no idea about initial condition so I use 4 for initial condition. my program is as follow:


f1:=nonlinear equation1(include variable q1,q2,p1,p2);

f2:=nonlinear equation2(include variable q1,q2,p1,p2);

f3:=nonlinear equation3(include variable q1,q2,p1,p2);

f4:=nonlinear equation4(include variable q1,q2,p1,p2);

Having read the above I decided to try it on a substitution problem I had last year on a set of equations. Work sheet containe an example. I successifuly applied algsubs to the problem. It can be slow and their is no easy way I see to know when the substitution is complete. so what I did go round the loop 2, 3, 4, 5 times. Crude!

Decided to try "side relations" with simplify here but it comes out with a totally different answer (not correct).

Could somebody explain why?


How to solve attached equation in Maple?

Is there a possiblity to solve using units?






Solution was done in Mathcad



Hi im using maple 16 and defined a vector field that is lengthy below,

(and yes i defined with(VectorCalculus), and SetCoordinates(cartesian(x,y,z)) (x,y,z is subscripted)


Full view of my screen with maple not integrating

And i am using a type of line integral for the work of a particle's path through a force field which i defined here as Z.


I have defined a function(say fun) to do certain task, it works well when I call it from a script file(say script1). However, when I copy the complete script1 and paste onto another script file(say script2), the function, fun, doesn't execute. It's very peculiar as my project requires lot of modification, so I copy the old script and...

If S= { <0,1>,<1,2>} and T={<1,1>,<2,3>} are ordered bases for R2 and v=<1,5> and w=<5,4>, then can someone help me:

-find the coordinate vector of v and w with respect to the basis T by creating a procedure?

-I can make a procedure to find the transition matrix PS<-T from T to S-basis, but can you help find the coordinate vector of v and w with respect to the basis S. Using PS<-T?

I'm trying to import matlab function from m-file.

File looks like this:

    function out = xxx(omega)
    out = heaviside(omega);

It's only heaviside function.

And now, when I'm using "FromMFile" command in Maple it doesn't recognize Heaviside function. It imports that function as "heaviside" - witch small first character (in Maple we needs big "H").

Any help? 


Please help me plot the graphs of the following equations:-

eq1 := diff(E[X(t)], t) = lambda-delta*E[X(t)]-beta*E[X(t)*V(t)];
 eq2 := diff(E[Y(t)], t) = -delta*E[Y(t)]+beta*exp(-rho*tau)*E[X(t)*V(t)];

eq3 := diff(E[V(t)], t) = gamma+N*kappa*E[Y(t)]-mu*E[V(t)]-beta*E[X(t)*V(t)]
NB:- E[X(t)]= the expected value of variable X at time t. 
Please help me know how to input this...

How to include/code/type such type of boundary conditions in maple?



Hi, I need to update a procedure prcLeastSquareLA so that it includes error estimate information as output in it. So far for the procedure I have this:


local vars,y,A,V,k,e,i,j,v,c,lstVars;  

vars := seq(c_i, i = 0 .. degree);

y := unapply(`+`(seq((c_i)*t^i, i = 0 .. degree)), t);

 for k to nops(data) do 

e_k := y(data[k][1]) = data[k][2];

v_k := [coeffs(lhs(e_k))];

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