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I want to draw  phase plane of system of three fractional order equations. 


Note that 

Also want the  phase portrait when the values of alpha are not same....






I was trying to solve a system of ODE using Maple, but to my surprise, Maple recognizes diff((phi(t), t)) as a variable which is different than t. 

My code is as following:

dsys := {2*m1*(a+l*sin(phi(t)))^2*(diff(diff(theta(t), t), t))+4*m1*(a+l*sin(phi(t)))*l*cos(phi(t))*(diff(theta(t), t))*(diff(phi(t), t)) = M, 2*m1*l^2*(diff(diff(phi(t), t), t))+4*m2*l^2*sin(2*phi(t))*(diff(phi(t), t))*(diff(phi(t), t))+4*m2*l^2*sin(phi(t))^2*(diff(diff(phi(t), t), t))-2*m1*(a+l*sin(phi(t)))*l*cos(phi(t))*(diff(theta(t), t))*(diff(theta(t), t))-2*m2*l^2*(sin(2*phi(t)))(diff(phi(t), t))*(diff(phi(t), t)) = -(2*(m1+m2))*g*l*sin(phi(t))-2*k*l^2*sin(2*phi(t)), phi(0) = 0, theta(0) = 0, (D(phi))(0) = 0, (D(theta))(0) = 0}

subs({M = 10, a = .5, g = 9.81, k = .1, l = .5, m1 = 10, m2 = 1}, dsys);

dsn1 := dsolve(dsys, numeric)

The error I got was Error, (in dsolve/numeric/process_input) input system must be an ODE system, got independent variables {t, diff(phi(t), t)}

I don't get why this is happening. Could you show me what's going on?

How do i implement Runge-Kutta of order 6 for a sytem of boundary value problems on maple

This is not a new problem; it is a reoccuring nuisance. When doing a heavy calculation, pressing the 'Interrupt the current operation'-icon will sometimes not halt the execution; rather it continues happily, seemingly without ever stopping. The program does not seem to have stalled, because the executing-bullet at the lower left of the screen flashes back and forth. As the interrupt icon is no longer red, there is no idea in pressing that further. So in these cases, I usually have to resort to an ungraceful shut-down of Maple by way of the Windows job list (Ctrl+Alt+Delete). Is there really no other way?

,Hello everyone 

...I need code for save maple's project like a video



I'm currently using Maple 17 and I'm trying to programatically export .eps 3D plots using the following code:

plotsetup(eps, plotoutput = `square_of_x`, plotoptions = `color=rgb , portrait, noborder, height=4in,width=4in, shrinkby=0.1`)

The problem that I'm facing is:

1- The z-axis label is outside of my figure (see uploaded figure). This happens even if I try to save the figure in .png and it seems that the 'shrinkby' option its not working properly;

Could you help me solving this?




I have just started using Maple, and it seems very powerful. I am trying to solve trigonometric equations and get all the solutions in a range, but when I use fsolve I only get one solution. 

Is this by design of the function or is there another way to do this? 




In Maple, is it possible to define an element of a series like that:

a[n] = n^2

(i actually tried to enter := instead of =, but html editor told me its not valid maple expression)

So at any moment i enter a[5] and maple give me 5^2, or a[70] -> 70^2 ?

How get answer of this integral

int(1/u.t.exp(-t/u), t = 0 .. infinity)

I want to plot the argument for a complex function. The input (x,y) represented in polar coordinates (r,phi) by default puts the cut at -I*Pi. Likewise the argument function:

argument(f(x)) plots the range -Pi..Pi.

However the function f(x)=x^2 could typically be plotted with 2 riemann surfaces on top of each other. When phi becomes 2Pi f(x) becomes 4Pi and only then I want to identify the 0 with 4Pi again since the points are equivalent in the preimage.

On the other hand the function f(x)=sqrt(x) never surpasses its own domain. The values always stay within the argument range of (0,2Pi) (in fact it only goes till Pi, or -Pi/2..Pi/2 in maple) when the preimage is taken to be (0,2Pi). Thus when plotting a preimage value of (x,y) with argument phi and 2Pi+phi they will have the same value since phi=2Pi+phi and I see a step in the plot. This step is actually there since the function has a cut at this point.

This step in the plotting image is also shown for f(x)=x^2 (e.g. at phi=+-Pi/2) but it is not of importance since it just comes from the argument function being constrained to -Pi..Pi.

So is it possible to change this behaviour?

I  encountered a non-integrable integral in the process of solving the following process, . How to achieve its numerical solution? Such as in a looping   code:

pa[i] := pa[i-1]-(Int(subs(t = tau, Lpa[i-1]+Na1[i-1]-Na2[i-1]), tau = 0 .. t)); 

pw[i] := pw[i-1]-(Int(subs(t = tau, Lpw[i-1]+Nw1[i-1]-Nw2[i-1]), tau = 0 .. t)); u[i] := u[i-1]-(Int(subs(t = tau, Lu[i-1]+Nu1[i-1]+Nu2[i-1]), tau = 0 .. t));

Detailed code see

Dear all,

I would like to ask you to help me with the following problem that I got error.

Thanks in advance


restart; Shootlib := "C:/Shoot9"; libname := Shootlib, libname; with(Shoot);
N1 := 1; N3 := .5; N2 := 5; Bt := 6; AA := N1*Bt; gamma1 := .2; blt1 := 1;
FNS := {f(eta), fp(eta), fpp(eta), g(eta), gp(eta), h(eta), hp(eta), i(eta), ip(eta), fppp(eta)};
ODE := {diff(f(eta), eta) = fp(eta), diff(fp(eta), eta) = fpp(eta), diff(fpp(eta), eta) = fppp(eta), diff(g(eta), eta) = gp(eta), diff(gp(eta), eta) = N1*(2*g(eta)+eta*gp(eta)+2*g(eta)*fp(eta)-2*f(eta)*gp(eta)+2*N2*N3*(h(eta)*ip(eta)-i(eta)*hp(eta))), diff(h(eta), eta) = hp(eta), diff(hp(eta), eta) = AA*(h(eta)+eta*hp(eta)-2*f(eta)*hp(eta)+2*h(eta)*fp(eta)), diff(i(eta), eta) = ip(eta), diff(ip(eta), eta) = AA*(2*i(eta)+eta*ip(eta)-2*f(eta)*ip(eta)+2*N2*h(eta)*gp(eta)/N3), diff(fppp(eta), eta) = N1*(3*fpp(eta)+(eta-2*f(eta))*fppp(eta)-(2*N2*N2)*(diff(hp(eta), eta)))};
IC := {f(0) = 0, fp(0) = gamma1*fpp(0), g(0) = 1+gamma1*gp(0), gp(0) = beta, h(0) = 0, hp(0) = beta1, i(0) = 0, ip(0) = beta2, fppp(0) = alpha};
BC1 := {f(blt1) = .5, fp(blt1) = gamma1*fpp(blt1), g(blt1) = gamma1*gp(blt1), h(blt1) = 1, i(blt1) = 1};
infolevel[shoot] := 1;
S := shoot(ODE, IC, BC1, FNS, [alpha = .1, beta = .2, beta1 = .3, beta2 = .4], maxfun = 50000);

Is it possible to animate plot like this parametically:
animate(plot, [[cos(t), sin(t), t = 0 .. A]], A = 0 .. 2*Pi, scaling = constrained, frames = 50)

however given the x and y components as solutions of an implicit equation.

I know I could run RootOf. But it seems that there is a part missing due to a branch cut :-/

I had problems plotting the solutions of my PDE with the derivative as the axis. Anyone knows what went wrong?

p1 := pds:-plot(diff(f(x,y),y), y = 0 .. 10, x = 0, numpoints = 100)

I seem to be getting a plot of y=0. Any help would be greatly appreciated:))

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