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Hi, anyone know the command to convert a digit to 8 bits binary number ?

Thanks for help..

I have the following question:

Illustrate how the sequence N->R de fined by n ->n^2/n^2 + 31n + 228 can be shown to be
within a given epsilon > 0 of its limiting value x0.
(a) use an appropriate conditional statement to find N such that abs (xn -􀀀 x0) < epsilon for every n>=N
and produce an appropriate list of the data points (n,xn) to illustrate

I found N but without using any CONDITIONAL STATEMENT.Can you help me find N using IF FOR WHILE?

How can i find the critical points of any cubic polynomial in maple17? I want a general procedure

Hi, may I know how I should write the commands after I convert my 'Hello' to 34 and 27 by using the commands below..

Hope someone can help me, thanks a lot..=]] Have a nice day~





>[72, 101, 108, 108, 111]









>[1, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 1, 1, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 1]


>[0, 0, 1, 1, 0, 1, 1, 0, 0, 1, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0, 1, 0, 0, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1]






[72, 101, 108, 108, 111]


I have a complex equation EQ, it gives me 4 answers - two complex, one negative and one positive. Which assumptions do i need to use to automatically get one answer - real and positive one?

I tried similary to what I did with real equations:
simplify(solve(EQ)) assuming real, positive
But that didn't work

The method of solving underdetermined systems of equations, and universal method for calculating link mechanisms. It is based on the Draghilev’s method for solving systems of nonlinear equations. 
When calculating link mechanisms we can use geometrical relationships to produce their mathematical models without specifying the “input link”. The new method allows us to specify the “input link”, any link of mechanism.

Three-bar mechanism.  The system of equations linkages in this mechanism is as follows:

f1 := x1^2+(x2+1)^2+(x3-.5)^2-R^2;
f2 := x1-.5*x2+.5*x3;
f3 := (x1-x4)^2+(x2-x5)^2+(x3-x6)^2-19;
f4 := sin(x4)-x5;
f5 := sin(2*x4)-x6;

Coordinates green point x'i', i = 1..3, the coordinates of red point x'i', i = 4..6.
Set of x0'i', i = 1..6 searched arbitrarily, is the solution of the system of equations and is the initial point for the solution of the ODE system. The solution of ODE system is the solution of system of equations linkages for concrete assembly linkage.
Two texts of the program for one mechanism. In one case, the “input link” is the red-green, other case the “input link” is the green-blue.
After the calculation trajectories of points, we can always find the values of other variables, for example, the angles.
Animation displays the kinematics of the mechanism.

(if to use another color instead of color = "Niagara Dark Orchid", the version of Maple <17)


I have the following sequence: n2/n2+31n+228.The question asks me to use an appropriate conditional statement to find N such that absolute (xn-x0)<epsilon for every n>=N. I found N but i don't know how to find it using Maple17.Can you please help me?


Hi. I'm hacing trouble writing a maple procedure for the question below, can anyone help?


Write a maple procedure which takes as its input the vectoeat u1 and u2 and the eigenvectors lambda1 and lambda2 where u1,u2 are element of R^2 and the lambdas are real numbers.

If u1,U2 is linearly independent then the output is the matrix A an element of R^2x2 with the property that Au1= lambda1u1 and AU2=lambda2u2;

if u1,u2 is linearly dependent then the output is the statement "not an eigenbasis".


I I then have two inputs which I have to do but I'm not sure on how to write the procedure. Any help will be much appreciated.  


Thanks :)



Dear all,

I developed a program to solve f(x, y) = 0 and g(x, y) = 0, I obtained as results (x=2.726, y=2.126) . running the same program another time it gives (x=2.762, y=1.992). how to explain this?

> fsolve({f(x, y) = 0, g(x, y) = 0}, {x = 0 .. infinity, y= 0 .. infinity});

Thanks in advance.

So have to calculate frequency response of RLC-circuit
Long story short - I can't get how to solve something like this
solve(abs(I+x) = 1)
Obv - the answer is 0 or -I, but i get 1-I, -1-I instead

It's been a couple of years since I last used the Excel add-in for Maple 17. It was working before, but now it isn't.

When I click any of the Maple icons in the Excel Add-Ins -> Custom Toolbars tab, I get a Visual Basic run-time error 453, "Can't find DLL entry point vbLoadMapleCursor in WMIMPLEX". The only choice in the dialogue is End, after which none of the Maple icons respond.

When I quit Excel after trying this, I get the same error dialogue except the message refers to vbMapleQuit. I select End, and then Excel exits. (If I don't touch the Maple icons during an Excel session, then of course no VB error dialogue referring to Maple pops up.)

An answer to a ten year old MaplePrimes question on the Excel add-in suggests editing the Excel 2010 32-bit path registry entry. Indeed my HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\Excel.exe Path key has no reference to Maple. However that info is so old, for Maple 9.5, that I hesitate to use it. I tried though. As suggested in that question, updated for Maple 17, I tried adding ";C:\Program Files (x86)\Maple 17\Excel\" to the end of the existing Path key entry, but I still get the same VB error. I also tried adding ";C:\Program Files (x86)\Maple 17\\", and both: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Maple 17\\;C:\Program Files (x86)\Maple 17\Excel\". I tried disabling and reloading the add-in from the Excel Add-Ins menu. Interestingly, even when I disable the add-in, the toolbar icons still show.

Anyway I'm at a loss how to proceed. Any help is appreciated. --Graham

So im trying to solve multiple ODES using dsolve(numeric) but I jsut cant get it to work.

I kep getting this one error: 

Error, (in f) unable to store '-HFloat(0.020918994979034728)-HFloat(0.09184018333019917)*I' when datatype=float[8]


This is my uploaded file 

(for some reason the uploaded file didnt show the error at the bottom so i just pasted it in the spot it would appear.




dt := 2.07*0.254e-1



dto := 2.38*0.254e-1



ho := 5000




Ltube := 5




Po := 2.5



To := 350



dp := 0.3e-2



tau := 3



dpore := 5.2*10^(-9)



kfluid := 0.485e-1



ksolid := 1.67



kpipe := 17



Cpair := 1.01



`&mu;_air` := 3.16*10^(-5)



rho := P(z)*(28.9*(1/1000))/(Rgas*(T(z)+273.15))




Rgas := 8.2057*10^(-5)





density calculation n/v = (P/RT)*mw_air, kg/m^3


`&rho;i` := (2.5*28.966)/(0.82057e-1*(350+273.15))




Volumetric flow, m^3/s






Superficial velocity, m/s


Vsi := evalf(%/((1/4)*Pi*(2.07*0.254e-1)^2))



Gs constant, kg/m^2-s

Error, missing operator or `;`


Gsi := `&rho;i`*Vsi



Gs := 1.45






Void fraction, epsilon,b

`&epsilon;b` := .38+0.73e-1*(1+(0.525e-1/(0.3e-2)-2)^2/(0.525e-1/(0.3e-2))^2)




hi := 3.6*kfluid*(dp*Gs/(`&mu;_air`*`&epsilon;b`))^.365/dp



kinetic parameter

K := ln(19.837-13636/(T(z)+273.15))



radial disperssion Coeff

Dr := Vs*dp/(9*(1+19.4*(dp/dt)^2))



thermal conductivity calculations

Kbs := kfluid*(`&epsilon;b`+(1-`&epsilon;b`)/(2/3*(1+kfluid/ksolid)))




Kbd := `&epsilon;b`*Cpair*Gs*dp/(9*(1+19.4*(dp/dt)^2))



KB := Kbs+Kbd



Heat of reaction (deltaH), Find heat of formation for each reactant and product--> dHrxn = heat of formation(product)-heat of formation(reactant)

Error, missing operator or `;`


heat of formation = A + B*T + C*T^2

Hfacrolein := -7.076*10+(-5.59*10^(-2))*(273.15+350)+3.86*10^(-5)*(273.15+350)^2



Hfwater := -238.41-0.122e-1*(350+273.15)+2.76*10^(-6)*(273.15+350)^2



Hfpropylene := 3.62*10+(-6.49*10^(-2))*(273.15+350)+3.049*10^(-5)*(273.15+350)^2



`&Delta;Hrxn` := Hfacrolein-Hfwater-Hfpropylene



Solving nodified Ergun Equation

f := (1-`&epsilon;b`)*(1.75+(150*(1-`&epsilon;b`))*`&mu;_air`/(dp*Gs))/`&epsilon;b`




Determining U of the wall and Ueffective



Uwall := 1/(1/hi+ln(dto/dt)/(2*ksolid)+1/ho)




Ueff := 1/(1/Uwall+(1/2)*dt/(4*KB))



ode1 := Gs*(diff(Cprop(z), z))/rho = -K*Cprop(z)

0.4117046714e-2*(T(z)+273.15)*(diff(Cprop(z), z))/P(z) = -ln(19.837-13636/(T(z)+273.15))*Cprop(z)


ode2 := Gs*Cpair*(diff(T(z), z)) = -K*Cprop(z)*`&Delta;Hrxn`-4*Ueff*(T(z)-350)/dt

1.4645*(diff(T(z), z)) = -146.7382702*ln(19.837-13636/(T(z)+273.15))*Cprop(z)-492.4968000*T(z)+172373.8800


ode3 := diff(P(z), z) = -f*Gs^2/(rho*dp)

diff(P(z), z) = -4.361346783*(T(z)+273.15)/P(z)


Ics1 := Cprop(0) = 0.3e-1

Cprop(0) = 0.3e-1


Ics2 := T(0) = 350

T(0) = 350


Ics3 := P(0) = 2.5

P(0) = 2.5



dsolve({Ics1, Ics2, Ics3, ode1, ode2, ode3}, {Cprop(z), P(z), T(z)})

Error, (in f) unable to store '-HFloat(0.020918994979034728)-HFloat(0.09184018333019917)*I' when datatype=float[8]






Hello everyone, how can this error be corrected


I'm not really an expert in maple. I'm stuck with a problem that could be related to the precision of the computational engine...

I defined a function which is relatively complicated as follows:

m := proc (x, l, T) options operator, arrow; (exp(l*(x-T)/(1-exp(-l*T)))*exp(l*T/(1-exp(-l*T)))*(1-exp(-l*T))+(2-exp(-l*T)-exp(l*T))*exp(l*(x-T)/(1-exp(-l*T))))/(exp(l*T)-1)-(l*(x-T)*exp(l*(x-T)/(1-exp(-l*T)))-2*exp(-l*T)+4-2*exp(l*T))/(exp(l*T)-1) end proc

whenever i simplify the equation or factor some of the terms, I get completely different results.

As an example, you can define this function as follows

m := proc (x, l, T) options operator, arrow; (exp(x*l/(1-exp(-l*T)))*(1-exp(-l*T))+(2-exp(-l*T)-exp(l*T))*exp(l*(x-T)/(1-exp(-l*T))))/(exp(l*T)-1)-(l*(x-T)*exp(l*(x-T)/(1-exp(-l*T)))-2*exp(-l*T)+4-2*exp(l*T))/(exp(l*T)-1) end proc


By drawing the function, you can see how things get messy.

plot(m(450, (1/250)*x, 250), x = 0 .. 100)


I know the problem occurs as a results of computation round-off. How could I ameliorate that? I have already increase the precision in the option menu, but that didn't help. By the way, how can I be sure that the anwers maple gives me is correct, except using my intuition?


Hello everyone!

i want to make a triangle which height's is a. Sorry, my English is not very good!

And I writed it by C language, but It is not right in maple. and I don't know. Can you help me? thank you very much!

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