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Is it possible for tickmarks to be different colors? For example, say I'm working with the plot


Is there a way to make the tickmarks at x=-1/2,1/2 red while making the tickmarks at x=-1,1 blue?

Or, alternatively, is there a way to turn the tickmarks at x=-1/2,1/2 into red subticks and make the tickmarks at x=-1,1 blue?




I seem to be having trouble with the define_external command.


I want to call a C-library from maple, and I think I need to convert the maple data in C. So I need a custom wrapper.


But I can't get the simple example from here to work for me. Specifically, I tried this:


I am having trouble getting an algebraic solution for a first order four-ODE system. The problem seems trivial to me. However, Maple is taking a very long time to solve it. The system describes a reversible "chemical" reaction that have 4 states. Basically, the system is


where the rate constants are ai towards the right and bi towards the left.

Any suggestion will do.


Hello all,


I have a question about converting a continuous piecewise function to Heaviside function, which the function includes trunc() in its conditions.

(I found differentiating piecewise function gives me "undefined" at boundary)


When I do that operation (convert(piecewisefunc, Heaviside)) I get the error below.

"Error, (in piecewise/simprootsstep) cannot determine if this expression is true or false: 0 < 183.3333333*Pi"

I noticed, that FileTools[Text][ReadLine] cannot read Cyrillic letter "я" in text files.

My test file containes 6 lines (Codepage 1251):

 Николай Петрович ТРУБЛАИНИ
 Ч А С Т Ь П Е Р В А Я
 Ветер налетел неожиданно. С неимоверной быстротой запенились волны. Они приближались к пароходу, стоявшему в миле от берега. Между реями мачт и в надстройках...


I am having some problems when solving NullSpace when the matrix is somewhat 'complicated'.

Maple seems not able to find the nullspace.

Any hints or possible workaround?


Hello to you all. Pls. i just want to ask you guys about which package in maple can I use to solve nonlinear ODEs Also, can I use the Newtons Method?

I'm trying to write a function which is calculating a B-Spline Function. Given is a knot vector U=[u1,]. What i want to calculate know is the basis function of degree 0 which is defined by Ni,0(u)=1 if ui <= u < ui+1 and 0 otherwise. I tried to do this with two procs which are leading to the same problem:
procVec1 := proc (U)
m := nops(U);
N := [seq(0, i = 1 .. m-1)];
for i to m-1 do


The subs command is not working properly for Vector type, see worksheet.

I can use simplify instead, but that's not what I really wanted.




I'm sharing this in the hope it might help someone (my future self being the most likely). Since my suggestions are not perfect and a little messy, feel free to suggest better ways.

I spend a great deal of time tweaking my plots. Oftentimes I want to add labels to the curves right onto the plot. Most of the time it's easy to do. Occasionally I struggle. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I give up.

Below is an example of the kind of plot I sometimes create. It's not perfect.

Hi all,

I am having some problems when solving high order polynomials. When oders are 'high' and systems involve multiple variables, Maple is slow to do so.

See in worksheet for detailed codes.

kappa - gives the vector that i am interested in

sC - a reparameterisation which has 'summation' in it

Aim is to verify that it works (it should!)

I currently ask...


How do I get ride of these Rootof?

I tried simplify,evala,value,Simplify and ect. Didnt really find anything useful.



I dont care which root they actually take, all I want is one of the roots. So I can then use subs for substitution.


Hi all,

What else could I try if I encounter this error?

Warning:  Incomplete separation.



I read the pdsolve help page, where it says I should have a solution with this warning, but I got nothing but the error.


ptr_mplprims.mwHello,I am trying solve  a travelling force problem with pdsolve, but I cannot obtain the second derivative of the solution. I obtained the first derivative, with help from another post ( When I tried doing the same thing for the second derivative it didn't work. Any sugestions would be helpful. Thank you!!!

Say I have the equation:


and I want to introduce an identity namely






doesnt work I wonder what is the most elegant way to implement this?

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