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Why does maple not simplify this expression any further:



Say for a 126 by 18 symbolic matrix, substituting numerical values into the matrix DD1 takes about 10 seconds (using time() );

for a 62 by 16 matrix, take just about 1/5 second.

By when the matrix is about 254 by 20, it take much longer! More than a minute!

I never actually waited how long, but I am wondering if there is something wrong? Am I using the right command?

Say the matrix is DD1 with numpar:=[x=0.3,y=0.2,z=0.98,....]

How do i solve this PDE with initial and boundary condition

1. δθ/δζ = δ^2θ/δy^2

At y=0, δθ/δy=0

At y=1, δθ/δy=-µ

At ζ=0, θ=1

Sorry to bother you again. I want my computations(results) to carry/have more decimal places so that I can choose how many decimal places to show myself. This is because, my result is always displayed in 9 d.p but I want more decimal places to be displayed. Just like the way we change the way maple display matrix in-line with command interface(rtablesize= N), is there a similar way i can do the decimal place thing?

Secondly, how can i suppress the value A amd B from...

How do I plot the imaginary or real part of a complex valued function



I tried:



but which does not work


I want to simulate taking a card from to decks at the same time, and by doing it sufficiently many times, show that the probability is 1-(1/e).

I've implemented this in Python, but i'm new to maple. Here is what I've done so far.



  local deck:= [seq(1..52)];
local randomDeck:=[];


I need to model the MapleSim ground as a hard ground. For example when the robot swing leg hits the ground, it should not have negative vertical position. Basically, the robot will move on a surface.




In earligere versions of maple (14 and 15) I yoused this code (program) to plot the area between functions, but it does not work in maple 17 (or 16).

integralplot2:=proc(f1,f2,a,b,{[color, colour] := blue,transparency := 0.5,numpoints:=500})     

local mingr,maxgr,variable,p,c,n,pts1,pts2,polys,i,xkoor,ytop,ybottom,yvals,plotf1,plotf2;          

if evalf(a)<evalf(b) then       

Hello I have the following system of equations and I want to solve for rho1 and z1

E := (1/2)*(1/rho1^2+1/rho1^2)-1/sqrt(z1^2+rho1^2)-1/sqrt((R-z1)^2+rho1^2)-1/sqrt(z1^2+rho1^2)-1/sqrt((R-z1)^2+rho1^2)+1/R+1/sqrt((2*rho1)^2+(R-2*z1)^2);

Er1 := diff(E, rho1);

Ez1 := diff(E, z1);

solve([Er1, Ez1], {z1, rho1});

The system is a function of R.

The solve command spits out Kernel lost after some time. So my question is how can I solve it ?

I'm not sure why I get an error in the following simple maple code:

test:=s->fsolve(t^3=s,t);     % Simplified implicit expression for illustration.      

test(8);  % (this yields the answer 2 - good)


Error, (in fsolve) s is in the equation, and is not solved for

Why do I receive this error?

Same error occurs with:


I'm a casual user of Maple...

Here's a Maple trivia question: There is a Maple symbol that cannot be used as a procedure parameter. As far as I can tell it is the only one. What is it?

Does anyone know why png is not listed in the help on plot/devices?  The png device exists and works.

Also, are there any other unlisted plot devices?

I have reason to believe that the expression below is a real number: 


A numerical approximation supports that. How can Maple help here to get a simplified expression?

Hi there,

i would like to know, how can i change the x-axis labels of an graph?

Currently i read data from text file in format like this:

0 10

1 11

2 14

3 15


This values i plot in a graph with this commands:

averagedValues := readdata("mytextfile.txt", [integer, float]);
plot({averagedValues}, x = 0 .. averagedRowCount)


My problem is, that each x value has a date label....

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