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As you can see this app performs the trace of a given path r (t), then locate the position vector in a specific time. It also graphs the velocity vector, acceleration, Tangential and Normal unit vectors, along with the Binormal. Very good app developed entirely in Maple for our engineering students.

Lenin Araujo Castillo

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I have the following equality:(N*(P-p[th])/K+p[th])/(2+2*N*Gamma/K+(1+N*Gamma/K)^2/(N*(P-p[th])/K+p[th])) = p[th]/(2+1/p[th]).

How can I get the solution step by step? I have read the forums around and tried few of the tutors, but most of them are either for single variable or I have to specify values for the variables.

I take the Inverse Laplace Transform on a specific function and the shown result is still an integral.

Would you like to explain it to me?




I have the following inequalty

GAMMA*sigma^2 < 1+2*sigma[H]^2*p[th]-2*K*(1+sigma[H]^2*p[th])/N, assuming all of the variables are positive.

How could I make a 3d plot with three axes for Г, K and N for example?

Dear Maple users,

I want to label Y axis such that it doesn't encroach the numbers. The figure below illustrates the difficulty I am facing. How can I change the default setting to put letter '\bar{U}' at some distance from Y axis so that it doesn't look crowded? Thanks.

Edit. One crude way to do this is by using typesetting command.

labels = [log(n), typeset(conjugate(U), " ")]


This app shows the calculation of the final speed of a body after it made contact with a variable force; Taking as reference the initial velocity, mass and graph of the variation of F as a function of time. That is, given the variable forces represented by the lines in the time intervals, we will show the equation of momentum and momentum; With their respective values, followed by their response.

Lenin Araujo C.

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i'm using expand cmd, but surprisingly, not only execute the expand but execute simplify cmd. Is there any cmd only execute expand withoud simplify?

Best wishes,

from China

In this file you will be able to observe and analyze how the exercises and problems of Kinematics and Dynamics are solved using the commands and operators through a very well-structured syntax; Allowing me to save time and use it in interpretation. I hope you can share and spread to break the traditional and unnecessary myths. Only for Engineering and Science. Share if you like.

In Spanish.

Lenin Araujo Castillo

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I am using Maple to model Gaussian Wave Packets and the do loop creates an array of plots. I want to animate these plots to show the movement of the wave packet and was wondering if there is a way to animate the array or perhaps another way to produce the animation. 

I have final project to make a media for learning mathematic using maple. But I'm so confused to make a net of cuboid, anybody can help me? please :D

Please, can someone give me a hand? I can not understand why in the first case the collect command does not work while the second one works correctly. Many thanks for your

esp1 := -a^4+a^2*c^2



esp2 := collect(esp1, a^2);

This, apparently, does not work properly



esp3 := collect(-a^4+a^2*c^2, a^2);



esp11 := -a^2*x^2-a^2*y^2+c^2*x^2



esp12 := collect(esp11, x^2);







Why Maple18 cannot solve the system p=(w^2+v*w)/(1-2*u-w) & q=u+w & r=w symbolically by using command

solve({p=(w^2+v*w)/(1-2*u-w),q=u+w,r=w},{u,v,w})? It responds with an error message.

With this application the components of the acceleration can be calculated. The components of the acceleration in scalar and vector of the tangent and the normal. In addition to the curvilinear kinetics in polar coordinates. It can be used in different engineers, especially mechanics, civilians and more.

In Spanish.

Lenin Araujo Castillo

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Dear all

I have an operator given below in the image. I want expand this operator upto order 5, when there are three independent variables x, y, t(i=1,2,3). The expansion can also be obtained manually, but that is always prone mistake, is the expansion posible using any routine of Differential Geometry package?


this forum has helped me a lot since I'm quite new at maple. There are lot of questions about the solution of _Z in roots but I still can't figure it out.

Here my problem:

f(x,y)= x*y - (V^(alpha)*W)/(V-a*x-b*y)^alpha

x>0, y>0, a>0, b>0, alpha>0, V>0, W>0, V-a*x-b*y>0

I need to find the maximum values for x and y. But all the solutions have got _Z.

How can I eliminate _Z? Thanks!

Best regards,



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