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I tried to solve a ODE system using rkf45 with shooting technique. But I have a lot of errors. How to resolve this...

See the attachment:

How to solve a ODE system using Newton's finite difference method?
How to plot f', theta and phi functions for various alpha values.

How to convert a ploting values in a graph to excel?

with(PDETools): with(DETools): with(plots):with(plottools):
eq1 := ((D@@2)(f))(eta)*f(eta)*sin(alpha)+((D@@2)(f))(eta)*eta*cos(alpha)+2*((D@@3)(f))(eta) = 0;
ics := f(0) = 0, (D(f))(0) = 0, (D(f))(10) = 1; bcs := (D(f))(10) = 0, theta(10) = 0, phi(10) = 0;
Parameters1 := alpha = (1/3)*Pi;
sol1 := dsolve(eval({eq1, ics}, {Parameters1}), numeric);
p1 := odeplot(sol1, [[eta, ((D@@2)(f))(eta)]], eta = 0 .. 10, color = [red], axes = boxed);

Hello everyone,

I'm using Maple 18. I have a problem that I can't solve. It concerns the programmatic - from the Maple code level - export of animations (even single images) with good quality graphics, i.e. either high resolution or "large" size - which translates into the same. This is because Maple 18 does not have a size option in plot3d.

Even manually enlarged graphics - a bit too much, makes manual export impossible; Maple reports "..the file could not be created...". Most often, this ends with the creation of a gif file with a capacity of 0 bytes.

I am asking for help if anyone knows how to deal with this [normal export of "normal" graphics manually or with software can of course be done in Maple 18].



Attached I am sending several procedures for curves in 3D space. They were written without using Maple's built-in DiffGeo procedures and functions. As an example of their use, I made several animations - Maple worksheets are attached. I hope that maybe they will be useful to someone.


I tried to solve a Blasius problem (available in maple), but I have an error. How to solve this issue.



p1>0, p2<0 and x[0] are arbitrary constants. How can i solve this integral? 


   I want to see    

thanks in advance. 

How to solve and plot a ODE system in RK method.
eq1 := diff(f(x), x, x, x)-(1/2)*Sc*sin(alpha)*g(x)*(diff(g(x), x, x))+(1/2)*x*cos(alpha)*(diff(f(x), x, x))+(1/2)*sin(alpha)*f(x)*(diff(f(x), x, x)) = 0; eq2 := (diff(g(x), x, x, x))/Pm+(1/2)*x*cos(alpha)*(diff(g(x), x, x))+sin(alpha)*f(x)*(diff(g(x), x, x))-sin(alpha)*(diff(f(x), x, x))*g(x) = 0; eq3 := (diff(theta(x), x, x))/Pr+(1/2)*x*cos(alpha)*(diff(theta(x), x))+(1/2)*x*(diff(f(x), x))*(diff(theta(x), x))+sin(alpha)*(x*(diff(f(x), x))-f(x))*(diff(theta(x), x))-Nb*(diff(s(x), x))*(diff(theta(x), x))-Nt*(diff(theta(x), x))^2+(1/4)*Sc*Br*sin(alpha)^2*(diff(f(x), x))^2*(x*(diff(g(x), x))-g(x))+(diff(g(x), x))^2*(x*(diff(f(x), x))-f(x)) = 0; eq4 := diff(s(x), x, x)+S*((1/2)*cos(alpha)*x*(diff(s(x), x))+(1/2)*sin(alpha)*f(x)*(diff(s(x), x)))+Nt*(diff(theta(x), x, x))/Nb = 0

ics := f(0) = 0, (D(f))(0) = 1, g(0) = 0, (D(g))(0) = 1, theta(0) = 1, s(0) = 1; bcs := (D(f))(100) = 0, (D(g))(100) = 0, theta(100) = 0, s(100) = 0

alpha = - 30 degree, Sc = 1.0, Pm = .1, Pr = 6.2, Nb = .1, Nt = .1, Br = .5, S = 1


How to  outer loop index setup as the upper value of the inner loop index?

Boundary condition of my problem is   f(0) =1  and  d(f)(1) = -(k[f]/k[nf])*Bi*f(1).

But i am getting error when solve this.How to clear this .

my attached file is,

How to rectify this error.

Good evening,could you please help me to find the values of Phi[2],Phi[3],Phi[4],....

The right hand side of the for loop is the equation i need.Is this maple code correct.

I always trobled in coupled nonlinear equations.Could you please help to plot this.

How to rectify this error.

Certainly a standard question.

I have an integer n*n matrix A (the entries are explicitly integers; there is no variable -type x- in the matrix). I want the Smith normal form of A, that is A=UDV where U,V are integer matrices with determinant +-1 and D is a diagonal matrix with -eventually- some zero and positive integers d_i s.t. d_i divides d_{i+1}.

"SmithForm()" doesn't work directly (I get rational -non integer- matrices). Maybe it is necessary to declare the matrix A as 'Matrix(integer)' ...
Thank you in advance for your help.

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