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How to solve and plot a ODE system in RK method.
eq1 := diff(f(x), x, x, x)-(1/2)*Sc*sin(alpha)*g(x)*(diff(g(x), x, x))+(1/2)*x*cos(alpha)*(diff(f(x), x, x))+(1/2)*sin(alpha)*f(x)*(diff(f(x), x, x)) = 0; eq2 := (diff(g(x), x, x, x))/Pm+(1/2)*x*cos(alpha)*(diff(g(x), x, x))+sin(alpha)*f(x)*(diff(g(x), x, x))-sin(alpha)*(diff(f(x), x, x))*g(x) = 0; eq3 := (diff(theta(x), x, x))/Pr+(1/2)*x*cos(alpha)*(diff(theta(x), x))+(1/2)*x*(diff(f(x), x))*(diff(theta(x), x))+sin(alpha)*(x*(diff(f(x), x))-f(x))*(diff(theta(x), x))-Nb*(diff(s(x), x))*(diff(theta(x), x))-Nt*(diff(theta(x), x))^2+(1/4)*Sc*Br*sin(alpha)^2*(diff(f(x), x))^2*(x*(diff(g(x), x))-g(x))+(diff(g(x), x))^2*(x*(diff(f(x), x))-f(x)) = 0; eq4 := diff(s(x), x, x)+S*((1/2)*cos(alpha)*x*(diff(s(x), x))+(1/2)*sin(alpha)*f(x)*(diff(s(x), x)))+Nt*(diff(theta(x), x, x))/Nb = 0

ics := f(0) = 0, (D(f))(0) = 1, g(0) = 0, (D(g))(0) = 1, theta(0) = 1, s(0) = 1; bcs := (D(f))(100) = 0, (D(g))(100) = 0, theta(100) = 0, s(100) = 0

alpha = - 30 degree, Sc = 1.0, Pm = .1, Pr = 6.2, Nb = .1, Nt = .1, Br = .5, S = 1

Good evening,could you please help me to find the values of Phi[2],Phi[3],Phi[4],....

The right hand side of the for loop is the equation i need.Is this maple code correct.

Certainly a standard question.

I have an integer n*n matrix A (the entries are explicitly integers; there is no variable -type x- in the matrix). I want the Smith normal form of A, that is A=UDV where U,V are integer matrices with determinant +-1 and D is a diagonal matrix with -eventually- some zero and positive integers d_i s.t. d_i divides d_{i+1}.

"SmithForm()" doesn't work directly (I get rational -non integer- matrices). Maybe it is necessary to declare the matrix A as 'Matrix(integer)' ...
Thank you in advance for your help.

How do  I solve system of differential equations in finite difference method or finite element method?

eq1 := (diff(f(x), x, x, x))*(a*beta*f(x)^2-1)+(diff(f(x), x))^2-2*a*beta*f(x)*(diff(f(x), x))*(diff(f(x), x, x))+(diff(f(x), x))*(M+k[1])-(diff(f(x), x, x))*f(x)-(alpha*theta(x)+delta*phi(x))/rho = 0;

eq2 := -(diff(theta(x), x, x))*K[SB]*(Df-(Rd+k[hnf]/k[bf])/Pr)+N[t]*K[SB]*(diff(theta(x), x))^2-N[b]*(diff(theta(x), x))*(diff(phi(x), x))-(diff(f(x), x))*(diff(theta(x), x))-lambda*theta(x)-mu*Ec*(M*(diff(f(x), x))^2+(diff(f(x), x, x))^2) = 0;

eq3 := diff(phi(x), x, x)+Le*Sr*(diff(theta(x), x, x))+Le*f(x)*(diff(phi(x), x)) = 0;

ics := f(0) = 0, (D(f))(0) = 0, theta(0) = 1, phi(0) = 1;

bcs := (D(f))(100) = 0, theta(100) = 0, phi(100) = 0;

Parameters1 := rho = 2063.905, k[hnf] = .29942, k[bf] = .2520, mu = .38694, a = .1, beta = 5, k[1] = 2.0, M = 10, alpha = 20, delta = 20, K[SB] = .5, Df = 3, Pr = 1.2, Rd = 5, N[t] = 1.2, N[b] = 1.0, lambda = 1.5, Ec = 5, Le = .1, Sr = .1;


Hello everyone,

I'm trying to learn how to use Shoot Library 9.

Unfortunately, I'm not doing very well. I'm getting an error that I don't understand. I don't know where it comes from.

Please help me solve this odes system using this library.

I attached my Maple worksheet file.

Please help to plot this equation

How to plot this equation



A := Matrix([[1, -1, 1, -1], [1, 1, -1, -1], [-1, 1, 1, -1], [1, 1, 1, 1]]);
B := Matrix([[1], [0], [1], [0]])

Could you please help me to solve this error.

my code is here.

How to conver a patial differetial equation to ordinary differential equation with or without dchange?


declare(u(x, y, t), v(x, y, t), T(x, y, t), C(x, y, t), eta(x, y, t), psi(x, y, t), f(eta), theta(eta), phi(eta));

declare(u(x, y, t), v(x, y, t), T(x, y, t), C(x, y, t), eta(x, y, t), psi(x, y, t), f(eta), theta(eta), phi(eta))


eta := proc (x, y, t) options operator, arrow; y/(nu*t+nu*x/U[w])^(1/2) end proc:

eq1 := diff(T(x, y, t), t)+u*(diff(T(x, y, t), x))+v*(diff(T(x, y, t), y))-sigma*(diff(T(x, y, t), y, y))-epsilon*D[B]*(diff(T(x, y, t), y))*(diff(C(x, y, t), y)) = 0

diff(T(x, y, t), t)+U[w]*(D(f))(y/(nu*t+nu*x/U[w])^(1/2))*(diff(T(x, y, t), x))+(-(1/2)*f(y/(nu*t+nu*x/U[w])^(1/2))*nu/(nu*t+nu*x/U[w])^(1/2)+(1/2)*(D(f))(y/(nu*t+nu*x/U[w])^(1/2))*y*nu/(nu*t+nu*x/U[w]))*(diff(T(x, y, t), y))-sigma*(diff(diff(T(x, y, t), y), y))-epsilon*D[B]*(diff(T(x, y, t), y))*(diff(C(x, y, t), y)) = 0





Can you change f(eta) to upflow curve and theta(eta) to downflow curve.

In my Problem,Boundary Conditions are

theta(infinity) = 0, (D(f))(infinity) = 1 , (Take, eta =infinity)

Flows will be correct for what value is taken for infinity .

I take  eta = 5. and also tried changing ranges  but could't find it.Please Help to fix the curve.

my code is,

How to find series values.I got this error.Please Help.

Maple code for the problem is

hallo every body 

Please, I have a small problem in this program in Maple 18 at the end of the programme when i want to calculat the intgral given in variable (f2i)  i see this message and I can't calculate the integral 

Please what is the solution to calculate this integral?

The program in Maple 18 is below 

Thanks a lot

How to solve this RLC Electric Circuit  with this initial conditions,I couldn't plot this equation.Help me to do this problem.

I need help to solve this ODE,

I didn't get series values F(k+3),Theta(k+2),phi(k+2),error comes in summation values.and

How to find the unknown parameters A,B,C.

Dear Friends
On 22 March 2018, I received: 
Customer: Universidad Nacional Autonoma De Mexico, UNAM
Order Date: 3/21/2018
Order Number: 889668
Customer Purchase Order: 10972 
For instaling MAPLE 18
Please see the at bottom of the mail
I am trying to reinstall MAPLE 18. Unfortunately the download link
It's no longer available. Please send me a link to download Version MAPLE 18. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.
Best Regards
Oscar Jaramillo-Salgado

El 22 mar 2018, a las 11:05, escribió:

Dear Oscar Jaramillo Salgado,

Here is your copy of Maple 2018. And this is not a release to ignore!

People use Maple to do many different things, so it’s inevitable that each new release will include some features you care about and some features you really don’t need. However, Maple 2018 contains a large number of substantial enhancements to how you interact with Maple, which means you’ll benefit from this release no matter what you use Maple for.

You are receiving this email because you are a member of the Maplesoft Elite Maintenance Program (EMP). While you participate in this program, you are entitled to new product releases as they come out.

If you are a MapleSim user, note that, unlike in previous years, this email contains only your Maple entitlement information. If you are still an active EMP member when MapleSim is released, we will send your MapleSim information to you at that time.

How to retrieve your Entitlement 

The purchase code(s) required to activate your product(s) are included below in addition to download link(s) to access the installation files.

If you would like a physical copy of your product(s) shipped to you, please go to You will need the email address that this email was sent to along with the order number. 

Customer: Universidad Nacional Autonoma De Mexico, UNAM
Order Date: 3/21/2018
Order Number: 889668
Customer Purchase Order: 10972



Maple 2018:

Product: Maple2018 Single User Entitlement Download for 1 user(s) (includes 1 home use license(s))

The following Purchase Codes activate this product:

[Purchase code deleted]

For the Maplesoft terms and conditions that govern your license to the above noted products, please refer to the Maplesoft End User License Agreement (EULA) found during installation. The Maplesoft EULA can also be found online at . You should review the entire Maplesoft EULA prior to activating your products. 


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Maplesoft Customer Service

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