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I have this MATLAB script, but as I work in Maple, I'll need to translate it to Maple. 
I know how to define symbols and functions, but I don't know which Maple commands to use, of if it needs to be done in another way, so the problem is translating from " dZ = [dx; dy; ax; ay; dm];" and down.

Any help would truly be greatly appreciated! Thank you!  

This is the script:

function dZ = meteor_step(~, Z)

  P = 1.2; % initial atmospheric pressure
  H = 1.39E-4; % scale height of atm pressure
  E = 8.11131859E6; % evaporation energy
  D = 1; % drag constant
  G = 9.814; % acceleration due to gravity
  PM = 3.3E3; % density of the meteor
  S = 3.986E14; % standard gravitational parameter of Earth (G*M)
  R = 6.3674447E6; % radius of the Earth (meters)

  x = Z(1);  
  y = Z(2);
  dx = Z(3);
  dy = Z(4);
  m = Z(5);
  atm = P*exp(-y*H);

  v = sqrt(dx^2+dy^2);

  area = pi * ( (3*m)/(4*PM) )^(2/3);

  dist = sqrt(x^2+y^2);
  Gv = -9.8;

  accel = -(D*atm*area)/m*v;
  ax = accel * dx;
  ay = accel * dy + Gv;

  dm = -(atm*v^3*area)/(2*E);
  dZ = [dx; dy; ax; ay; dm];





[t, R] = ode45(@meteor_step, [0 250], [0, 100000, 100, -300, 25]);

x = R(:,1);
y = R(:,2);

dx = R(:,3);
dy = R(:,4);

v = (dx.^2+dy.^2).^(1/2);

m = R(:,5);

plot(t, y);
  title('Meteor Kinematics: Height vs Time');
  xlabel('Time elapsed (s)');
  ylabel('Height (m)');

plot(x, y);
  title('Meteor Kinematics: Horizontal vs Vertical Position');
  xlabel('Horizontal (m)');
  ylabel('Vertical (m)');

plot(t, v);
  title('Meteor Kinematics: Speed vs Time');
  xlabel('Time elapsed (s)');
  ylabel('Absolute speed (m/s)');

plot(t, m);
  title('Meteor Kinematics: Mass vs Time');
  xlabel('Time elapsed (s)');
  ylabel('Mass (kg)');

plot(t, dy);
  title('Vertical Velocity vs Time');
  xlabel('Time elapsed (s)');
  ylabel('Vertical velocity (m/s)');

temp = abs(y - 52900);
[~, index] = min(temp);

Excuse me,


  I have the following input




I would like to obtain

1/(k+1)* (x2^(k+1)), k<>-1


but maple gives me just the same integral. Is there any way to get the expression?


Thank you!




I would be grateful if anyone would comment on the compatibility of Maple 18 and MacOS 10.10 (Yosemite).


I am trying to recreate journal work for validating using another computer program so I am trying to use maple to solve the ODE, based on further research I found using laplace might be the best but I am having some trouble.


eq8:=d*(n(t)+C(t))/drho = -rho(t)/(l*alpha*K_c)

given the initial conditions of:

ICs:= n(0) = n_0, rho(0) = rho_0, C(0) = (beta-rho_0)*n_0/(l*lambda)


equation9 := dsolve({equation8, ICs}, {C(t), n(t)}, method = laplace)


Following this process I get the error: 

Error, (in dsolve) invalid initial condition


According to the journal work the solution I am looking for is: 



is there something that I'm doing wrong or missing? 

Any help would be greatly Appreciated! 


Hello everybody

I am working on the bending of FGM plate, and I just used maple for the calculation functions of my problem of the bending of FGM plates.

Can any from the members of mapleprimes one help me to write Navier's equation include below for the bending of the plate because I am new in using Maple 18

alfa=m*pi/a, beta=n*pi/b with m=1,3,5..100 and n=1,3,5...100

Thank's for all 


I have a fairly old laptop, a Toshiba S10 Tecra, windows 7 64 bit and 4 Gb RAM.  It has an NVidia Quadro NVS 150m video card inside and according to NVidia CUDA capable of a compute level to 1.1 which is ok for float[4] but not float[8].  Inititiating the computecabability in maple does indeed bring a score level of 1.1.

Doing any LinearAlgebra matrix calculations with CUDA enabled is maybe 5x's slower than with it disabled.  I run into BLAS errors and screen blankouts at matrix values of 2000.  The video driver is the latest from Toshiba (2010) but not NVidia (2014) I suppose there would be an increased performace with newer drivers but if I'm going to run into the same issue of slower calculations with CUDA enabled there's no point in even testing the newer drivers on an otherwise fine running machine. 

Since it is a low end video card is CUDA even worthwhile, will I even notice a speed up with updated drivers?

Dear Maple Experts,

i am new to maple and I am trying to write a maple algorithm in order to calculate the GCD of two functions. 

I have defined the two functions and written the algorithm, but I get an error "Unable to Parse".

Here is my code:

restart; with(Algebraic); with(LinearAlgebra[Generic]); with(RegularChains); with(FastArithmeticTools); with(ChainTools); interface(rtablesize = 15);

f := (y^2-1)*((y+1)*x^4+(y^2-1)*x^3+(y^3-1)*x^2+(y^4-1)*x+y^5-1);

g := (y-1)*x^5+(y^2-1)*x^4+(y^3-1)*x^3+(y^4-1)*x^2+(y^5-1)*x+y^6-1;

SubRes:=proc(f,g,var): local  i,a, delta, beta, psi: if degree(f,var)<degree(g,var) then a[0]:=Algebraic:-PrimitivePart(g,var): a[1]:=Algebraic:-PrimitivePart(f,var): else a[0]=Algebraic:-PrimitivePart(f,var): a[1]:=Algebraic:-PrimitivePart(g,var): fi: delta[0]:=degree(a[0],var)-degree(a[1],var): beta[2]:=(-1)^((delta[0]+1)): psi[2]:=-1: i:=1: while a[i]<>0 do a[i+1]:=(prem(a[i-1], a[i], var))/(beta[i+1]): delta[i]:=degree(a[i],var)-degree(a[i+1], var): i:=i+1: psi[i+1]:=((-lcoeff(a[i-1],var))^((delta[i-2])))*((psi[i])^((1-delta[i-2]))): beta[i+1]:=-lcoeff(a[i-1],var)*(psi[i+1])^((delta[i-1])): od: print("Last Non-Zero Subresultant: ", sort(simplify(a[i-1])),y): return (Algebraic:-PrimitivePart(a[i-1],var)): end proc

and I get this error:

Error, unable to parse

Would you kindly help me to fix this issue?

Kind Regards,



I'm brand new to Maple and was assigned a problem to modify a code provided by my professor to incorporate variable window size. However, I don't know where to begin or what I'm doing. I've attached the link to the problem below. Plz help.  NA1_Project_IDW_01.2014_Fall.pdf

    option package;
    # local a,b,c;

    uses LinearAlgebra;

        local ans;

        return ans;

    end proc;

end module;

Here is a short piece of code to create a Maple package. It runs fine. Is that possible to hide the code from print() ?



print(mymain); # which displays the source code


Could I hide some of the code? Say I want to use the function mymain() for debugging purpose, but I dont want to make it local to the package. Instead I keep it in "export", but I dont want users to see its code.



Hey guys,

i'd like to create a custom component for maplesim. I opened the template in maple18 and defined the following equations:

eq := [p(t) = p__0+rho*g*h(t), Q(t) = A*(diff(h(t), t)), L(t) = 100*h(t)/h(0)]

These equations describes a tank with a liquid in it. Now I tried to define a function L(t) (above) that gives the level of the tank in percentage. Therefore I need the initial height value at t=0. The function defined above (h(0)) does not work, cause maple tells me that the function does not exist.

Any hint how to get an initial value or a value at t=0? Or maybe another way to solve my problem?

Hopefully I described right. :-)

Best regards


Hi everyone.

I wrote simple program with several functions. I would like to obtain parallel computing of my functions. I can't understand how to use nodes.

My programm.

Maple does not cancel out a variable.

Why is that?

Is there a way to solve this? 

(I pasted my code on the bottom of this message)


Thanks for your help/advice,


# simplify() does not work.....?
M(x):=simplify(%) assuming EI>0;
# Wiht EI cancelled out by hand it schould look like:


How do I permanently change the current directory on a MAC computer?


Kind regards


Per Kirkegaard


I use Maple on my laptop computer (windows 8.1) with a small screen. My problem is that the text in the menus, palettes, plots etc. are so small so I can´t read it. I have set Large toolbar icons under the menu tools-options-interface and I use the zoom buttom on the toolbar but this only magnify the text in a document. I also use the magnifying glass in windows, but I find it very inflexible. Is there any better solution to this problem?

Kind Regards

Leif Jonson

When I open my file I got an error message says "there were problems during loading process"

and some of my text are missing.

Maple Worksheet - Error



Can anyone help me,please

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