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I'm doing some easy calculations in Maple 2015, but Maples units are acting weird:

I would say that h and h/1 should be the same, but 1/h should give me 1/400 m^2*K*W^-1

If I try to input 1/U__0 it gives me 1/400 m^2*K*W^-1, just like expected

Am I doing anything wrong? Can it be because of my settings?

I'm running Maple 2015 on a Macbook pro running OSX 10.11

Are there any examples of network solutions such as mine systems in Maple.
I wrote in the Maple system of partial differential equations describing the process of filtration combustion.
I'm a novice. I do not quite understand how to solve it.
Online a lot of "simple" examples. I need something very similar to my case.

Social Golfer Problem

So we have 8 golfers : 2 golfers per group and 4 groups.Over several golfing days, how can they be arranged so no golfer plays with the same player twice.

turns out they can play for 7 days.

So my attempt in

For 3 players per group and 4 groups this is the arrangement over 4 days:

(these was done in wolfram demonstrations project but the code appears to be obfuscated)

Hello all

I am trying to write  a tutorial about systems of linear equations, and I want to demonstrate the idea that when you have a system of 3 euqtions with 3 unknowns, the solution is the intersection point between these planes. Plotting 3 planes in Maple 2015 is fairly easy (you plot one and just drag the others in), but I don't know how to plot the intersection point. Can you help please ?


My equations are:




The intersection point is (29,16,3)


Thank you !


I had Maple 2015.1 running. I did Tools->check for update. It said that there is an update available! then I did ok, go and update. Maple downloaded about 60 MB of stuff, asked me to close Maple to finish the update. I close Maple, and it finished the update with no problem.

When I open Maple, I still see it saying 2015.1, so what was the update for?  

It will be nice if Maple tells the users what the update is going to be for. Like saying something to the effect that version XX.XX is available or something. It just said update available.

How can one find what was updated, and why did the version number not get changed? Is there a log file or some command one can use that shows the updates made to current version one is using?

Help->About still says 2015.1, is it possible Maple update just forgot to change the version number? What is the current and latest version number of Maple?  

When I do check for update now, it says no update is available. So I must be running the latest version. But this what what I had before I updated?

    Maple 2015.1, X86 64 WINDOWS, Jun 3 2015, Build ID 1049007

I am on windows 7, 64 bits.



Hi all,

I have been trying to plot Riemann Zeta Function on certain range, but it takes a lot of time(several minutes ,maybe hours).These are the basic things.

How to speed up ploting Zeta?

The same problem with Optimization.

Mathematica don't have this such problems.

Mathematica ploting Zeta with 0.125 second and optimizing 3.42 second.Maple few hours maybe......




Can anyone confirm what units of memory are used for this option?

Will Maple 2015 automatically use virtual memory if the size of this option exceeds the RAM memory and how can this be confirmed?

Thank you.


There is a desire to explore the process of filtration combustion. To do this, you must solve a system of differential equations in partial derivatives.
I write down all the equations.
Boundary conditions in Maple 2015.0 interpreted incorrectly.
I need to write like that:



given that:

It turns out so:



ie somewhere lost derivatives




As in Maple record boundary conditions correct?

Thanking you in advance.

Hello everyone. 

I can not calculate it here




v1 := x^2+y+`-`(sin(z))



v2 := VectorCalculus:-`+`(VectorCalculus:-`+`(x^2, 1/y), VectorCalculus:-`-`(VectorCalculus:-`*`(2, z)))



v3 := VectorCalculus:-`+`(VectorCalculus:-`+`(VectorCalculus:-`*`(3, x), y^2), z)



vv := VectorField(`<,>`(v1, v2, v3), 'cartesian'[x, y, z])

Vector[column](%id = 18446744074235504150)


fieldplot3d(vv, x = -1 .. 1, y = -1 .. 1, z = -1 .. 1, arrows = `3-D`, grid = [5, 5, 5], axes = normal)


Flux(vv, Sphere(`<,>`(0, 0, 0), r))

Error, (in sprintf) Maple was unable to allocate enough memory to complete this computation.  Please see ?alloc




Probably, the problem with the calculation of surface integrals. I would be grateful for any help.


Hello to all


I am Jorge Gracia an exchange student working on my Thesis.

I started working with maple recently, and I am having some problems to achieve the results that I am looking for.

My work consist in the next Steps.

Using maple and taking some fatigue tests data, create a wav file with the some of the following formats:

Supported data formats are wave type 1 (PCM integer Data 8 Bit unsigned, 16 Bit signed or 32 Bit

signed) and wave type 3 (PCM float data (32 Bit IEEE float).


In the same way, if I already have a wav file, read the values of every point of the wave in order to understand and study the results.


If I have a normal plot, convert it into a wav file plot with the formats from above

With all the results, I will be able to work with this wav files in a fatigue test machine achieving more realistic results than with the standard waves.


All the information about this will be welcome.


Thank you for all.


Im trying to study some questions and I'm using maple to verify my answers.

Theres a few polynomial factoring questions and linear equation questions Im trying to get

maple to show its solutions steps using showsolution() no matter where I put it  the function wont work.

Ive switched between math/text functions. Im still pretty new to maple but I can't find any information on how to do it

on the web/youtube.


Thanks in advance!

(Maple 2015)

For the simple ODE with initial condition
dsolve({ diff(y(t),t) = y(t)^2 - y(t)^3, y(0) = 1/10 }, y(t));

dsolve produces two different answers, almost randomly (even after restart or after closing Maple and reloading the worksheet). Namely:





but this simplifies to (2), so it's not a "true" bug.

Notice that (2) is correct but (1) is incorrect even for t=0 (the initial condition!):


Maple seems to prefer the wrong solution (1) but occasionally produces (2) e.g. in a new whorksheet!
In earlier versions it seems that only (1)  appears.

The same ODE with another IC

dsolve({ diff(y(t),t) = y(t)^2 - y(t)^3, y(0) = 1/100 }, y(t));




is always incorrect. It should be


but Lambert's function never shows up!
Let me mention that only the exact solutions are affected, numeric is ok.

Without an initial condition, dsolve always uses LambertW:

dsolve({ diff(y(t),t) = y(t)^2 - y(t)^3}, y(t));



Can you explain this behavior?



Hi every body.

I want to solve a differential equation:


I have the initial conditions:


r(e)=A where A is parameter.



All in the file.


I want to solve these two differential equations. I have the initial conditions:
What am I doing wrong?

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