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Here we develop the factoring in common factor, simple and complete square blade, plus simple equation systems with graphic and design, and graphic solution of the quadratic equation using components in maple 2015.

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Dear, my attached file take alot time to exicute the result, Please solve this problem. I am waiting your kind response.


With my best regards and sincerely.

Muhammad Usman

PhD (Scholar) Mathematics

HITEC University, Taxila

Lecturer of Mathematics

Govt. Degree College Taxila Pakistan.

Visiting Lecturer of Mathematics

University of Wah, Pakistan.



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Dear All,

Colud you please tell me how to obtain the answer f(b)-f(a), by manipulating the following expression in maple:

int(diff(f(x), x), x = a .. b)

Thank you very much. Best regards, Jand

Hi! I just started to use Maple and I play with some of its functions. I have seen in examples related to RegularChain package an output like  [regular_chain, [[-1, -1], [0, 0]]] and I wonder how I should read it. Thanks for any help and sorry if my question is very basic.

It looks like the Online Help has now been updated for Maple 2015.

Here's the What's New in Maple 2015 Overview, which is similar to the product pages currently available here.

But we can now also link to and view the online versions of full help pages of new or enhanced commands or example worksheets. For example, dataplot.


Dear I want to define a general operator D for Fractional derivative whose behave like this


(D^alpha)(t^beta) = GAMMA(1+beta)*t^(beta-alpha)/GAMMA(1+beta-alpha)


I just started to use Maple and I have a question if there exists in it an equivalent function to Mathematica's FindInstance? In general, I have an inequality and I would like to find few first solutions to it.

We find recent applications of the components applied to the linear momentum, circular equations applied to engineering. Just simply replace the vector or scalar fields to thereby reasoning and use the right button.

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Why does my Maple 2015 constantly pause to redraw symbols in pinned palettes?  Really seems to slow down my use of the program.  Had this problem in previous versions also.  Using OSX Yosemite latest version.

Hey there!

I uploaded a solid drawing from a CAD software (like solidworks, inventor, stl files, etc) into Maple using plottools:-importplot("drawing.stl"). 

Also, I know Maple can give me the normal vector (and point of intersection) using line and intersection commands, for example.

Now, is it possible to find a point of intersection (and the normal vector at that point) of a line that crosses the uploaded CAD solid?

I guess that to accomplish that, it would be necessary to somehow "map" the solid and that's the part that I am lost.

Many thanks!



In Maple 2015, on windows 8.1 64-bit the command
series(2*x*(x-y)/y, y = 0, 3);

which is incorrect. The answer is

You can notice the minus sign in front the the -2x is incorrectly typeset, which makes me wonder if it's a bug in the typsetting program and not series itself.

Please fix asap

Dear, I want to the expression for any r and s. Please help I am waiting your quick responce

With my best regards and sincerely.

Govt. Degree College Taxila

Dear, I am facing a problem which I run the attached file it this answer [Length of output exceeds limit of 1000000]. Please help to overcome this problem.

With my best regards and sincerely.

Govt. Degree College Taxila




Does not work.





But with some effect,



Could this possibly be improved in the next release?


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